A few days ago I received a lovely Christmas present I want to share with you. It’s a small book called All the Happiness in the World. Jesse Hunter, the author of the book, travelled for 650 days through 44 countries on 6 continents and photographed smiley and happy faces on this beautiful globe.

All the Happiness in the World

The book is filled with lots of smiley faces, smilies on facades, happy places and much more that makes you happy and appreciate this world so much. It actually inspired me to think of a theme I should pick and photograph when I travel. Because when you do you will see so much more than only the things around you. You will see small details and try to find them every where you go.

He also published the book All the Love in the World where he shows all the hearts and love he found around the world. Isn’t that amazing? And a lovely gift to buy for someone?

I think the Love book is beautiful but the Happiness book is my favorite. It shows you actually all the people around the world in 44 different countries. Especially when you don’t travel much, it is a nice way to see the world through the eyes of a world traveler.


Try to find a topic you like before you go travelling and take pictures of all the things that are connected to this topic! It would be a great idea to create a mood board or photograph collage after your trip!

Like the All the Happiness in the World on Facebook AND….  like the All the Love in the World on Facebook! They will definitely appreciate that!

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