The first time we went to Auckland we only stayed for 1 night and a day. Because we still had 2 weeks left in New Zealand but we wanted to spent some time with friends in the city, we decided to drive into this amazing place and stay for a night.

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So, this will be only a short and first report about Auckland but there will be more posts about this great city.

Even with Wellington as the capital city of New Zealand, Auckland seems to have more! More people, more architecture, more shops, more glory. The city centre is compact and great for a day or two. Distances are short and you’ve got everything you want there. We went to the harbor and to the fish market which is definitely a recommendation if you like fish!

We had a fish platter, salads with fish and of course, sashimi! Delicious as hell!

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The harbor area is gorgeous with lots of expensive yachts and sailing boats, walkways, benches to relax, new and modern architecture and a good view. I think this area impressed me more than the city centre actually. These gorgeous big boats like the Imagine are very common in the harbor. Lots of people live in the city and go out sailing for the weekends. What a life ;-)

The city by night must be great from the top floor of the Sky Tower. Maybe something we will do when we are back in Auckland!

Safe travels, Claudia

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