Have I ever wrote a post about sports since we’ve travelled? Maybe my How To Stay Fit post but that is about it. Although Yoga is a sport as well, I do look at it differently but that’s stuff for another post. The Australian Open in Melbourne is one of the 4 biggest Tennis Tournaments in the world so we thought to have a look. We bought ground passes for $35 per ticket to walk around the courts and see the big names practicing and competing against each other. With a ground pass you are not allowed to go into the 2 main arenas but you can see them practicing and if you are lucky, competing in another court. We had a wonderful day, even when tennis is not something I’m super interested in but I do love to watch a good match.

RAFAEL NADAL #1 in the world

First we saw Nadal practicing. When you follow the big crowds you will always find a big name. This time we found Nadal. He very much enjoyed all the fans watching him and even, on one stage, he took off his shirt to change for a new one.. I don’t know. Too obvious!?

He provided about half of his fans of signatures. After 10 minutes he walked away.

ANDY MURRAY #4 in the World

Big name but not such a big crowd unfortunately. He did make all his fans very happy with signatures and pictures. I always like to see that, because I think fans are very important for big players, artist or who ever it is.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC #2 in the World

Same as Nadal, after about 30% of his fans, he walked away.. He left them all very disappointed I guess.

ROGER FEDERER #6 in the World

Even if you don’t like tennis, you must like this Swiss guy, Roger Federer. He was very serious while practicing and used his time very efficient. He wasn’t distracted by the fans or being a show-off.

After his practice, Roger Federer walked all the way to the left and started with every single fan. Giving signatures, taking pictures and receiving lots of gifts! Unbelievable, the security guide had to hold all the teddy bears, gift bags and presents he received from his fans.

After all these practices we watched a view games and went home. It was a great day, even in 40 degrees and burning sun, it was perfect!

Would you go to event like this when you are travelling?

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