Hello again after such a long time. I don’t think I’ve been absent on the blog for so long. How was everybody’s summer or winter? I hope you all had a wonderful time in your own country or in another. I saw (on social media) people skiing in New Zealand, scuba diving in Egypt and enjoying the beach in California.

I hope I didn’t loose you here and you are still coming back to DesignClaud to read about travels and interiors. I’ve been away for a while because something BIG changed in our lives, only weeks after we arrived back home after our world trip. We found out that we were pregnant! Oehhhlalala… pregnant. Haha! It wasn’t a total surprise though, but I didn’t expect that it would or could happen immediately. But it did and we are so happy with it.

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Image source: By Mimosette

The first few weeks I was happy, confused and feeling fine. But then, in week 7 or so, I started to feel annoyed. I felt weird and tired and I didn’t know how to handle it. Only a few days later I started to feel sick and it didn’t stop for the following weeks. I have to say, I didn’t see the happiness anymore. I was asking myself; what is happening and why? I did read some stuff of course but still it was hard because you don’t have proof of the baby or anything. Fortunately one of my friends has her own obstetric practice and she told me that I could come for an ultrasound. This was week 9!

Oh my…. I was so relieved and happy at the same time that everything looked fine and that there was really a baby. (Sometimes you think you go nuts). Two weeks later we could go for the official ultrasound in the city where we live. This time we saw lots of movement. It was hard for the midwife to get a good look because the baby was almost dancing in my belly.

Today I’m 14 weeks pregnant, still very early but my belly is growing and I’m feeling better. That’s also good for DesignClaud because I need to spent some time on the blog to get it up and running again.

I have to laugh when I read my post from a few months ago about my plans for DesignClaud. I think I will do it differently than what I promised in that post ;-)

I will try to keep the baby/nursery posts to a minimum but I have to say; I found my new interior project!!

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Image source: Decor8

A new and fresh start

From the beginning of september I will start blogging more and more again. Also, Gaby from Piece of Make will blog once a month on DesignClaud about a fun and gorgeous DIY project she made. Do you remember her first DIY post on DesignClaud about Fruit Stamping?

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