What you need to know about bloggers is that about 99% of them are the most sweet and kindest persons I’ve ever met. They are dedicated to their blog, they are passionate and they love what they do with their blog. It’s their life. Blogging makes them happy, it broadens their world and they get to meet new and interesting people from all over the world. Bloggers take their blog serious, it’s their baby, their passion and their business. So, when something happens to something that they have worked for incredibly hard, they get annoyed and angry.

For example, the fact that it is incredibly difficult for bloggers that just started or have been blogging for 1 or 2 years, to promote their blog. They do everything to get their blog into the spotlight. They write about trending topics, they comment on other blogs, they join competitions or link parties and they share their content on social media.

But sharing your content on social media is not that easy anymore. It seems that the more bloggers share, the less readers see the content. So why would we share on social media?

Facebook is the biggest source of visits for a blogger. They get visits from Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest but Facebook is the main one. Not any more. Since a few months Facebook has reduced the organic reach of pages. So, when a blogger shares a new blog post on their Facebook page instead of 12% only 6% of their followers will see this update. Read more about this topic here but the main thing is; when bloggers want to reach their followers, they are going to have to pay up.

Why would bloggers share on Facebook if no one will see their messages?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

By loosing so many visits to their blogs that came from Facebook months ago, they need something else. Something that readers can easily access to and can join to follow their favorite blogs without missing a post.

The best solution to stay up to date is Bloglovin at the moment.

Every day you will receive one email with all the new blog posts that were published in the last 24 hours. This is a win-win situation as you can see :-) your favorite blogger knows that their blog gets followed by their readers and you are always up to date about what your favorite blogger is writing about. So, join Bloglovin and follow your favorite blogs!

Share the love!

To share my love for blogs and bloggers, I will give you my favorite blogs that I love to read and of which I like the bloggers a lot.

A few of my favorite bloggers and their blogs

Inge just got her second child, a baby boy so sweet and cute which also tells a lot about her blog. It’s adorable, fresh and fun. Because Inge is such a wonderful person, her blog breaths that as well in the topics she picks and what she writes about interior design.

Mel is originally a girl from Sydney but she is living in Auckland at the moment. I’ve had the honor to meet her in person in Auckland about a few weeks ago. She is a mommie as well but as I told her, she looks like a designer :-) She knows her stuff and she goes around Auckland to find new things and people to interview. I really admire that in her.

I’ve met Holly during one of the BYW e-courses by Decor8. She lives in the Netherlands but comes from Australia. She is one to follow because she is doing so very well. She writes for Decor8 once a month, if I’m not mistaken, she does a lot of styling work and her projects are often featured in the best interior magazines of the Netherlands. So, don’t miss her blog!

Fluxi On Tour is a very divers and fresh blog written by Ana who lives in the amazing city of San Francisco after she moved from Hamburg. She writes about her travels and the amazing places she has stayed, about very yummy recipes and about San Francisco of course. Have a look at her gorgeous pictures and projects on her blog.

Will can’t be missed. He’s the happy and fun British writer of Bright Bazaar. Every photo he takes has lots of colors, every project he does looks bright and happy, every piece of clothing he wears looks magnificent. He is the kind of guy that you want to be friends with because he is still so normal after having so much success with his blog and his new book that is coming up. I have never met him but this is how he comes across to me.

Heather is the ‘surf chick’ from Australia. Her blog is about Noosa, a lovely town on the east coast of New South Wales. Her blog and posts are all about the beach, summer and surf vibe in and around Noosa. About a few months ago she asked me to do an interview on her blog about me and the travels I’ve made. This was part of her column called Finding Their Bliss. A great way to interview people and to show your readers a bit more about the world.

Let’s share the love and write a blog post about your favorite bloggers!

xoxo Claudia

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