Part 4 Renovating Motorhome: Subfloor + Boiler + Decorative Pillows + Curtains

Part 4 Renovating Motorhome: Subfloor + Boiler + Decorative Pillows + Curtains

Last January I wrote about the curtains hanging in our camper! At least, the curtains around the fold-down bed. Now also the smaller curtains around the round seat in the back of the camper are hanging. It already looks far better! But we are not there yet ..

Two weeks ago we took a day to go on with the interior. I finished the subfloor and Bas started with the boiler. The floor in the camper was carpeted but it was obviously not very nice. Therefore, we decided to lay a subfloor so that we can place a PVC floor. Well, the subfloor is in! It was a lot of work but it looks good!

The water heater was unfortunately broken so we got a new one that had to be built in again. Because it was just a slightly different model, Bas here and there still had to make some adjustments. But it worked! We have hot water in the kitchen and in the bathroom!

Finally, we hung two spots in the back corners of the camper and we mounted plastic strips for the curtains so that the whole looks a little tighter!

The curtains hang but we don’t like it that you can see the rails.

We place a simple plastic strip in front of the curtain rails so you can not see the top so well.

In the corner the curtains hang neatly together. Now I have to make straps that hold the curtains in place while driving.

Here you see the subfloor we have also mounted against the benches. This was also carpeted in a dirty brown color.

After these chores, we wanted to see the (almost) final result, so we cleaned everything up and decorated the camper as it should. I had made a few cushions to match the curtains but unfortunately I still have to make the bench cushions. The color of the bench cushions doesn’t fit our image of the interior and it’s not a good combination with the new curtains and all.

What do we still want to do about the camper?

Before we really going on the road in May for the first time, we want to do the following things:

  • Leave laying a PVC floor. We have already bought one, now find someone who wants to lay the floor.
  • The double bench allow welding in the camper.
  • Lamp post above the round seating.
  • The camper furnish all the necessary stuff you need.
  • The motor of brush in the way!

Actually, these are the most necessary things we still like to do before we go on vacation. In addition, I also want to make new sleeves in the summer for the cushions of the sofas. The green I find too dark and not nice with the blue of the curtains and it’s not our style. However, the pillows are very good order so for the next few months it is fine.

I also have a long list of fun stuff I want to buy such as a flat cable with lights outside, a plastic carpet for outside and get some goodies!

The round seating is the complete picture but without the table. In the middle of the U-shaped seating, between the two tables, is space for a lamp. We are still looking for a great model!

A nice tight subfloor is in and sits against the benches. We want the new PVC floor to run up against the pillows.

Both fabrics, of the curtains and cushions, come from the fabric market in Utrecht.

The top of the kitchen is original, much as I want to use film so this is also neat and finished.

We are again one step further and it starts to be more exciting because you really start to see why you’re doing it. In May it will be our first RV trip with Jaya, exciting!

Another couple of decisions we have to make:

  • What color get the couch cushions? It’s so dark I think. But dark is sometimes less likely dirty.
  • What we will do so Jaya can not fall out of the fold-down bed? There are safety nets that can assemble there but there are also parents who place their child in a Deryan tent on the fold-down bed.

Tips are always welcome! :-)

Part 3: Check out the curtains hanging in the camper

Part 3: Check out the curtains hanging in the camper

Last weekend I started making curtains for our camper. A completely new challenge for me! But it went well (except for a few crooked seams) and after sewing a full day I had finished three curtains.

When we started renovating the camper, we’ve removed all the curtains so we could paint properly. Back then, we never thought to write down which curtain hung where. In principle, that is not directly necessary for the self-explanatory or where they fit. Tuesday I went to the shed where the camper is and I hung up the curtains. Once they hung I began to doubt, the curtains behind the fold-down bed, next to the window, seem too short or too long. Probably these curtains don’t suppose to hang at the fold-down bed but at the windows below the folding bed. For now we will leave them hanging.

Next week I’ll start with the other curtains. The curtains in the U-shaped seating are basically decorative, but it is also nice when they can close. So, again a nice job to do!

See here, the end result of the first three curtains around the fold-down bed! I am very happy with it, even though it’s such a dark and gloomy weather, I do feel the nice fresh and summery feeling in the camper. When all curtains hang, we can hang some more accessories and perhaps start re-upholstering the cushions.

Let’s first see how much fun sewing is after the next eight curtains!

Part 2: Renovating our camper interior – curtains!

Part 2: Renovating our camper interior – curtains!

Here I am again with a little update on our Hymer motorhome. The last time I showed you how we painted the interior of the motorhome white and how we did it exactly. Tips are always useful for other RV enthusiasts, I’ve noticed, so that’s why today I’m going to tell you more about the last project that we have done for our camper.

Last Wednesday I had my very first sewing lesson. I started a course to learn to sew, because to me that seems so lovely. The sewing lesson went very well and I was immediately no longer afraid of the sewing machine. That fear, I once suffered under me when I pressed a little too hard on the pedal and everything froze, my mother got mad, my little project fell apart etc. Well after that first sewing lesson I thought it wasn’t that bad at all! All those years I worried for nothing ;-)

I learned during the first lesson straight choke, choke circles, squares, triangles, etc. Super instructive because you get to know the machine really well. After the class I was already very enthusiastic to do something. I ordered fabric and this week I’ll start the lesson with a harem pants for Jaya.

But the enthusiasm grew slightly faster ;-) because I figured I could make the curtains of the camper myself. That’s just straight stitching (not …) and I had just learned well. Well, I did not hesitate long and at Saturday I immediately went to the market in Utrecht to buy fabric for the curtains.

How I started making my own curtains …

  • First, I measured the original curtains and I looked how they were made. How much was used for the border and how many curtain band I would need.
  • After that, I mapped everything out on paper to see what was the smartest way to get the curtains out of the fabric and of course having to throw away as little as possible. Together with my neighbor we came up with seven meters of fabric.
  • Saturday morning I went to the market for the first time, where I bought fabric for € 8 per meter.
  • I also bought a pair of scissors, thread, seam ripper, pins and a centimeter. Band curtain and hooks I forget to buy, but apparently you can not buy that on the market in Utrecht. Eventually I bought them at the Leen Bakker.
  • The fabric was quite askew cut on the market so I made it straight.
  • Then I cut each curtain.
  • When you’ve cut everything, you can start locking the fabric. I love how fast it goes!
  • There had to be some pieces locked together so that the sewing goes even faster.
  • After locking the fabric, I started stitching the hem all around.

I am very curious about the result in the camper. I hope the turquoise gives the camper a little more freshness because of the few brown and dark parts in the interior. There are still some brown elements in the camper as the front of the heater, the bottom of the fold-down bed and here and there some brown leather in the kitchen. The blue has to give it a younger appearance.

I saved the original curtains, who knows they ever come in handy! In addition, I also started with a solid inventories for the camper. After all you want to do is get away if you feel like it. So I want a solid contents in the camper like towels, tea towels as well as all the holiday stuff so you can go super fast.

I’m very curious what you think of the color of the curtains (although it is not quite correct on the pictures) and it looks more like this color. Are you going sometimes camping? Perhaps you have good tips for a camping list :-)

UPDATE 12-01-16: I’ve hang the curtains! Want to see how the largest curtain hides the pull-down bed? Click here and see the pictures on my Instagram account!

Part 1: renovating our camper interior

Part 1: renovating our camper interior

Less than a month ago we bought our first camper (read it here)! A Hymer of 25 years old with a very brown and dark interior. Not really our taste! We knew when we bought the camper that we very quickly would tackle the interior because before we would hit the road, the camper would have a white interior. No sooner said than done. Last week we took the camper to our parents in the south of the country so that we could start our little project there and they could take care of Jaya and had quality time with her.

We had all the paint supplies before we left so we could get started immediately. But you always think it is going faster than it actually is. Bas and his father started with the exterior (after the camper had been through the Truck Wash) and I started to demolish some little things like removing ugly lights, wall brackets, adhesive strips and take out all the upholstery. It takes a day things like this because when you take away things they also leave holes behind which you want to fill. Besides that, you also have to use masking tape to protect the parts you don’t want to paint.

We matted the interior completely. If you do it too coarse, then the veneer damage and you don’t want that. If you do, moreover, not coarse enough again, the paint adhesion. This has happened to us on a few tiny spots where you can’t matten good enough.

The second day we started removing the pillows, the mattress, the closet doors, the bathroom door, tray, shelves and other loose parts that had to be painted white. The best place to paint this is outside the camper so that you can paint the fixed interior of the camper as well.

How much paint do you need for painting a motor home?

We had plenty with the 2.5 liters of lacquer paint and 2.5 liters of primer paint for painting the entire interior plus ceiling and walls. We still have some left to work a little here and there. You better go for good paint so that you only have to paint one or two times than economize and find out that you have to do it several times.

We started with one primer coat that was good and thick, and then with two coats of paint on the cabinets and one coating on the large surfaces such as walls and ceiling. The cabinets were painted 2 times because we’ll use this often, you touch it often and so it should be slightly firmer.

The end result is exactly as we had envisioned. Now it’s time to decorate the interior such as new cushion covers, curtains but also adding fun accessories.

What do we have in mind to do in the camper?

Ok, here’s the list …

  • Make a new dashboard cover (the previous owner had quite ugly carpet encounter screwed here).
  • Create a safety net for the folding bed for our daughter Jaya.
  • Make curtains for the back of the camper.
  • New cushion covers (this comes later as the current pillows are still fine).
  • Accessories such as convenient hanging racks, storage boxes and of course stylish accessories.
  • New lighting such as spotlights.
  • Installing the new water heater.
  • Up front, we would like to build an extra seat so that Jaya can sit in the front of the camper in a car seat (this is still an interesting job! Oops ….)

Most points on our list do not need to be in a hurry so once it’s dry and sunny, then we will certainly go for a weekend out!

Oh yeah, we’ve also been thinking to give the camper a color on the outside. For example, the horizontal area between the aluminum strips. Who knows … something for the future.

Renovating the interior of a Hymer camper

Bas is applying wax to the outside of the camper so that water will float away easily.

Removing all the golden accessoires they’ve put up on the wall.

The bathroom needs a good clean and maybe we want to get new foil for on the walls in the bathroom. At the moment the walls are covered with foil with tile motif.

The (intermediate) result: a white camper interior

And then, after four days of working and painting, the result…

Oh dear, once you’ve painted the first shelf or door, you can not go back! You must continue now. On these photos, we were about half-way with the application of the primer.

Two days later, the interior was provided of 3 layers of paint.

Quite a job but I would do it again. I have not regretted it. Perhaps an RV enthusiast will find the original Hymer nicer but we are not going to sell the camper within the next few years. We of course want to have fun as long as possible and preferably we do it in such a beautiful white interior. Did you last see the inspiration images for our camper? Then you see where we want to work towards ..

Our newest addition: the Hymer motorhome/camper!

Our newest addition: the Hymer motorhome/camper!

After two years of traveling the world and being at home for 1.5 years, we have some news to share. We bought a vintage ;-) Hymer motorhome! We obviously can not sit still again in the Netherlands and it sometimes gives us the creeps. We went on a trip last spring to Denmark to taste a little of what is actually Scandinavia. Well, we liked it very much! The only downside was that it was very cold during the nights in our tent trailer. Anyways, the traveling bug is still here and we would love to see more of the countries around us.

In New Zealand we traveled for two months in a small campervan and that went very well. We met the best people with the most amazing vehicles. From small vans for a family of four to a large coach converted into a house. So inspiring and wonderful to see! There arose the jitters for a camper I think. It’s perfect to tour around in your own little home where ever and whenever you want.

So this is it, our newest addition to the family. Meet the one and only …. HYMER CAMPER/Motorhome. He has no name yet but I have no doubt that it will come soon. It’s a real old fry which fortunately is in good state but it also needs some uplifts regarding the interior. And that’s exactly what I like so much, refurbishing the interior. I have already checked on Pinterest to find inspiration images and also tips because we are not the first ones to refurbish a motorhome. In America there are a lot of people traveling with a camper that they have refurbished themselves. If you do good research, you find the best tips and inspiration!

As you can see the camper is quite dark and brown inside, it really comes at you and makes the interior much smaller than it actually is. So that’s point # 1: paint the interior. In addition, the curtains are really outdated and ugly of color, so point # 2: place new curtains or blinds. The pillows are also not very modern so I would also like to upholster them (if I can do it by myself…). So point #3! I could go on, but I think these are the first three points that I’m going to address.

Inspiration for the interior of the Hymer motorhome/camper

On Pinterest I found the cutest and nicest examples for refurbishing motorhome interiors. I already have a full board pinned with fun images and Pinterest now thinks I’m totally in to the campers, because my homepage is full with suggestions for motorhome interiors. (Pinterest is so good, so addictive!)

Do you like to read about living in an airstream, bus or any kind of vehicle or unique home? Check out my column ‘Living in a …’ for more cool posts about campers, motorhomes, busses, airstreams, nano houses and more!

Soon more about our newest addition the Hymer motorhome!

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