The Coromandel Peninsula is not far from Auckland which is the biggest city of New Zealand. The main attraction on this peninsula is the hot water beach. I will show you pictures of this beach a bit later in a different post but I can tell you now; it’s a special place!

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We stayed at a very remote spot on the peninsula for a night. The campground was right beside the beach, which was on the other side of the embankment. Maybe you would think that New Zealand doesn’t have gorgeous white beaches but they do! They are maybe not that white as the ones in French Polynesia but they are beautiful.

When I walk on a beach my eyes directly go to the ground looking for shells. I love shells and I wish I could take them home with me every time I find one. This beach had the biggest shells I’ve seen in New Zealand. Lovely shaped shells where lying on this remote beach. No one takes them and no one touches them. I wonder if they are always there because a week before then, New Zealand had a big cyclone coming in and maybe that was the reason all these shells washed ashore?

These shells were almost as big as my hand. You can see some in my hands on my Instagram where I took some pictures when I found them.

Can you see the pearl finishing touch on these shells shining? In the sun light it looked so gorgeous. It’s impressive that an ocean can create something like this isn’t it?

I couldn’t stop looking at them. This one was actually still closed and I was very curious what was still in there. Unfortunately I couldn’t open it because it was closed to tightly.

The owner has left his house… ;-)

Don’t miss the Coromandel peninsula if you want to find gorgeous shells, nice people, beautiful beaches, incredible scenery and good drives through the hills with good views. They’ve got it all! In the small town Coromandel there are a few cute and cosy cafe’s you can have lunch, coffee and use some free wi-fi. We went to The Chai Tea House in Coromandel. Great food!

Safe travels, Claudia

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