How would you decorate your office if you could choose? I would decorate my office with furniture and accessories by HAY. {If you prefer to read this post in Dutch, click here}. HAY is a Danish brand, founded in 2002. Their ambition is to encourage Danish furniture design to return to the innovative greatness of the 50’s and 60’s. HAY nurtures and promotes the originality from young and new talents as well as the established designers. The thing I really love about them is that they operate between architecture and fashion. Using the statics from architecture and the dynamics from the fashion world. I always learned at the art academy that fashion, art and architecture are all related to each other. Something that begins in fashion, comes back in architecture or art and the other way around.

On their website they show you all the designers they are working with at the moment. When a brand or office shows you who is working and responsible for the success of the brand, gives them credibility I think. They share their success. They don’t hide their genius designers but they are proud to show them to you.

Decorate your Office

I’ve created a small mood board for this Decorate your office with HAY blog post. These are all items I would love to buy one day and use them in my (future) office.

decorate your office - HAY
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1. wooden cabinet for all my books and stuff
2. fun and unique floor light
3. small cabinet which I can use for samples and magazines
4. comfy chair at my desk
5. round table so every one feels connected with each other
6. colorful rug as decoration

decorate your office - HAY
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The details by HAY are incredibly well thought. For example, this joining of these bars in the two wooden cabinets is very well thought. It is really simple and minimalistic but it still needs thinking before you make such a simple joining.

The details of the rug are a very well-known design at the moment but I think they still are very bright and fun. I love the material which is 100 % wool.

How would you decorate your office and what is your must have?

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