Have you ever heard of Three Bad Seeds? The first time I saw their product was on Etsy. I liked their product but didn’t visit their store. The second time I saw one of their great designs was on Instagram. Because their products are very outstanding and unique, my inner bell rang and I started to do some research.

Three Bad Seeds
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Three Bad Seeds designs and creates very cute pillows that kind of look like toys or stuffed animals. It’s a family business of yes, Three, which began as a school project for the daughter of the family. Read more about their story and who they are on their About page.

The Collection of Three Bad Seeds

The first is one of my favorites, the Sisters. All their pillows are made of wool. They remind me of my trip through New Zealand in february and march. There is also a shop called Home Design Store & Gifts in Dunedin on the south island who sells the pillows of Three Bad Seeds.

Then there is the Fox which comes in this beautiful red color. This pillow is made of soft felted wool that comes from knitted wool sweaters (I love recycling), vintage wool blankets/remnants and, fabrics from US Woolen Mills.

I’m not such a lover of going to the dentist but these pillows are really cool. Smiling teeth :-) This pillow is called the Sweet Tooth. Not only perfect for your kids but also for us right? These unique pillows are made of while Pendleton blanket wool but they are made to order so if you want a pink tooth, it’s no big deal.

The last pillow that I’m showing you is called Mt. Rainier which is located in the Nisqually Valley in the state Washington, US. The pillow is made of layer upon layer of Pendleton wool. It looks like a nice and comfy pillow!

Three Bad Seeds has also a blog which you can follow or go to their Etsy webshop to buy all these lovely pillows and some other great designs.

Until next time, Claudia

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