It’s time for another DIY by Gaby from Piece of Make. Each month I’m looking forward to her DIY project. The holidays are coming, so it’s time for a DIY for Christmas. This time Gaby shows you how to make a DIY Christmas wreath of buttons.

Happy DIY Christmas wreath of buttons

Invite the dark days before Christmas from home to get started with simple self-making ideas. As this Christmas wreath, made from old tea towels, rope and lots of colored buttons. A merry Christmas!


  • Lots of buttons in different colors and sizes
  • Thick ribbon or strip of cloth
  • Rope
  • Glue (pistol)
  • Wreath (eg. Polystyrene) or two old tea towels

DIY Christmas wreath of buttons
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Step 1 – Create the wreath

For the base you can get a readymade (Styrofoam) wreath, but if you can’t find one, you can also create a base of two tea towels. Put them together, fold them in a triangle and roll up. Bend the ends together (the points late overlap a bit, so the wreath everywhere is about as thick) and wrap the rolled tea towels completely fully with the rope.

Step 2 – Decorate the wreath

Now you can use the buttons. For a cheerful effect paste them together just randomly on the wreath. Holes can be filled with smaller buttons. Ensure that the sides are well coated. The back does not have to be decorated, as it hangs on the wall or door. Only if you hang the wreath in the window, it is of course useful to also paste the back.

Step 3 – The Finishing touch

Meet at the top of the wreath a big bow with a thick ribbon or a strip of fabric (you can possibly even before ironing the fold or hem). So you can hang the wreath good and it gives an extra festive effect.

DIY Christmas wreath of buttons
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Merry Christmas!

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