Sharing is caring right? That’s why I want to share my latest post at a Dutch blog called de Tweakfabriek. Every month I write a post for them about Inspiration I find around the world and during my travels. This month I thought it would be nice to show their readers my Inspirational Journal I take with me. It’s not a personal journal but a book which I use for stuff I want to keep, want to remember or when I want to be creative. Because sometimes I just feel like painting or making something weird and that’s why I bought this journal one day. To keep my creative process going and to note and archive all the ideas I find during these adventures.

I’m really happy with the photos I’ve taken for the post because it is sort of my first DIY kind of thing. I will show you a few but to see them all you have to hop over to their website of course :-)

For my Dutch and Belgian readers, you can hop over to their website to read the whole story why I create these journals and what I use to create them. For all my other readers, just hop over as well, because they will love you for it and.. because they’ve got some great DIY projects you can try!

Lots of love, Claudia

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