As a beginner in the crochet and knitting world I could use some guidance. I haven’t hooked a lot, and certainly not knitted. But I would really like to learn. I mean, what expectant mother can’t knit or crochet, right? ;-)

Cute DIY Knitting Package*

With this complete package you can knit a super cute penguin plush toy of 25cm high! There’s a step-by-step instruction, a knitting pattern, wool, knitting needles and felt for the belly, feet, eyes and mouth.

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Did you know that this package is suitable for children from 8 years? A super cute DIY for a Wednesday afternoon and the weekends. Ultimately, they all make their own plush toy.

Want to know exactly what is in the knitting package? Then look in the shop of Piece of Make where you can get this cute knit package.

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Gaby of ‘Piece of Make’ writes monthly for DesignClaud about fun and innovative DIY projects that you can make yourself or with your children. At the beginning of November Gaby wrote about Chocolate salami that you can make yourself.

As a special this month, Piece of Make gives all the readers of DesignClaud a discount of 10% till the end of the year! Use code: DESIGNCLAUD-2014 

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