Just recently I discovered a new and beautiful collection called Zuiver. The name is in Dutch and means pure or clean, and that is what the products are. The brand is functional and creative. Their fabrics, shapes and forms are simplistic and new. The brand gets sold by the website called Voor-Thuis.nl in the Netherlands.

It has a new vibe with a touch of vintage as you can see in their products. The product range of Zuiver goes from chairs and tables to lighting and carpets.

These are a few of my favourite items in the collection of Zuiver.

Collection Zuiver – Chairs

The Back to School Chairs by Zuiver are inspired by the real authentic school chairs we had in the Netherlands. They are simple and timeless. These Chairs would fit great in the kitchen, an office or for a childrens room in a fun color.

The other chair I really like from the Zuiver collection is the Louix chair. It kind of looks like the vintage chairs that are very popular at the moment but then slightly different. I would use this chair in my kitchen at the dining table with a gorgeous wooden table.

Collection Zuiver – Coffee Tables

The latest trend in Coffee Tables is to use more than one and in various sizes. These coffee tables by Zuiver are perfect for that. You can either use some slim and skinny tables together or place them together with a wooden coffee table.

The Cumi Coffee Tables are made of original mango wood and finished with white oil. I love how the wood brings you back to a rustic and natural style in your interior.

The Webframe is a totally different type of Coffee Tables. It’s more skinny and minimalistic. The geometric shapes in the frame work looks very interesting and almost like a web. You could either use it as a decorative table or as a coffee table during a party.

The Kelly Tray Coffee Tables are almost in the same style as the Webframe and could easily be placed together. The top of the table can be taken off and used as a tray. Perfect for serving drinks and snacks during a party.

The OSB Coffee Tables are made from OSB wood, PU and metal. The fun thing is that the legs of the coffee table can be folded so you can easily move it to your balcony or garden in the summer.

The Two Tone coffee table is definitely a type of Coffee Tables that is trending at the moment. I’ve seen so many DIY on the internet of people painting the legs of their tables themselves. If you are not so interested in doing that, this table is the perfect solution for you. It is available in different colors and sizes so you can easily place them together.

Collection Zuiver – Lights

Lights are part of your interior as much as your tables, chairs and couches. You can choose if you want to use invisible lighting like build-in or you can go for amazing designs like these lamps from Zuiver.

The Led It Be lamp is made of wood and a cool red wire. It is a great lamp for on your office desk! It has a small but efficient light bulb so you can see and work with this light.

They also designed a wall Led It Be lamp as a bedside light. These lights look so much fun, they could also perfectly fit in a boys room.

The Flown Up lamp by zuiver looks funny and like it has been caught by the wind. It could be a lamp that your grandma had and you made it all funky and fun. This lamp is a very unique and special item for your interior.

Just a little sneak peak into Dutch design and what we like in the Netherlands. I think it sort of looks a bit like Scandinavian design but is still very unique to that.

Which ones are your favorites of Zuiver? I would love to know.

All the images are by Zuiver

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