One of the most inspiring chairs of the 20th century is definitely the Eames DSW or DSR chair. We recently bought a few for at our dining table but I mostly sit on them to work. I couldn’t choose between the DSW and the DSR so we bought both of them. It’s unbelievable to think that this chair was designed in the fifties and still is so popular and even better, so timeless.

The chair just fits in almost every interior. I think the Eames chairs are a must have when you are interested in design but of course the chair can be very pricy. Especially when you want to have a vintage one that is made of fiberglass.

Luckily for us you can buy a replica. I know, it is not the real one but I do love them and I just can not afford the real ones.

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Besides that, you can not see the difference between a real and a replica chair, can you? A few weeks ago I saw the real one and I couldn’t see any differences between that one and the ones I have at home.

So, dream away and buy those beautiful Eames chairs! We bought the Eames chairs at Designerchairs 24.

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