Do you often dream about your future office? A room in your own house that looks totally like you want it? Or a small wooden cottage in the back of your garden with beautiful open doors and windows where you can work all day? An attick with all your books, findings, inspiration and a wall full of clips from magazines?

I dream about all these things. How my office will look, where it will be, what’s in it, how I work in it. Everything! But what is an ideal office for creative ladies like myself? I’ve collected some great examples of what I would love to have in my office. Click for the links of the photos on the image itself.

*The Ideal Office*

#1 In my ideal office will be a dog

This will sound a bit funny but I do love dogs so much and as soon as I can get one, I will have one. When I have an office, that means that I’m not travelling around so much anymore and that means; time for a dog! I can understand that this is not your #1 ;-)

#2 My ideal office needs a desk with a view

The fact that you can stare outside, have daylight on your desk and some fresh air is definitely a pro for my office. I can’t sit on a desk thats standing against the wall. I want to be able to look outside, stare and find new ideas while I’m staring.

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#3 My ideal office will be a room with lots of clutter

My office shouldn’t be too organized. There is room for clutter, for little things that don’t have any meaning but do inspire me somehow. Walls with inspiration clips, cards, prints, feathers I’ve found, leaves from the forest. Anything!

#4 My ideal office needs an Inspiration Wall

It’s important to create inspiration walls so you can fall back on the style and impression you’ve created for a project while you are working on it.

#5 My ideal office will be filled with Green, Plants and Fresh Air

Beautiful plants, flowers and other green is important to have around you. It gives the office a more human and healthy look, plus it just looks good right?

#6 And my ideal office needs my absolutely dream; a drawing table

When I studied for becoming an interior architect, we used these tables all the time. Next to my laptop, I loved to draw something by hand. Of course it takes longer, but it is something you should be able to do as an architect or designer.

This table is also great as presentation table because it’s high and big. When you’ve build an model of an interior you’ve designed, people can actually look into the model when you place it on this high table.

There are so many things I would love to have in my future office but these 6 things are the first I thought of for now.

What are your Must Haves in your future office?

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