Printable Christmas Gift Wrap – Black and White, Gold color or Red

It doesn’t take long anymore before it’s Christmas! I don’t believe we will get a white christmas this year, its just too hot for winter at the moment. Not really weather to get in the mood for Christmas..

But the gifts have to get wrapped, whether it snows or not. With these three free printable gift wrap designs you can quickly ans easily wrap a gift. Push them through your home printer and you are ready to go!

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Giveaway: Free Interior Text Poster!

It’s almost the time of the holidays! Time to organize a giveaway. This time it’s no wrapping paper free downloads but a nice interior / text poster for on your wall! I make my own prints which I sell in my shop but it’s also fun to give away a free poster during this time of the year! This text poster with the quote “Love is in the air” can be downloaded in black and white, in the color mint or with a nice chalkboard background.

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Free Printable Gift Wrap with Triangles

It's time for another freebie! I love to wrap gifts and make them look beautiful. It gives me such satisfaction to wrap it and give something nice to someone. I hate it when I see people in a shop wrapping a gift sloppy so that's why I always do it myself. I've...

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Black White Paper goods

Paper goods is one of my favorite things in the world. Stores like KikkiK, Typo, Minted or magazines like the Flow make my heart beat fast. Does this sound familiar to you? Sometimes paper goods are a bit too expensive so that's why I try to make my own paper goods...

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