How to host a picnic?

The best thing about summer is being outside, having lots of sunshine and warmth. The best season to host a picnic. But what do you need to host the best picnic ever? I've searched for the most handy gadgets when you are going to organize a picnic. Gadgets to host a...

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Garden inspiration: Garden Rugs

The best season of the year is coming: summer! At least in Europe. We already had some beautiful spring days and that's when we discovered that our garden is totally hopeless. The spots where the sun shines the best and the longest during the day are the spots where...

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DIY vegetable garden

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is getting more and more popular. Why? Because we all really like to eat something from our own garden, it's healthy and at least we know what we are eating. You could talk about which seeds you are using, because there is a lot...

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Shanghai Yu Yuan Garden

After we arrived in the middle of the night at our apartment so we had some sleep to catch up. After we slept in, and woke up with an amazing view over the city from the 20th floor, we walked to the riverside to have a view over the skyline of Shanghai. It is a...

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