Bohemian interior ideas – LOVE!

Do you also like a bit of expressive style? Then you will find the bohemian style of living maybe as much fun as I do. Decorated in cool colors, vintage items, findings from other countries, and yet also a light and airy interior. At least, that variant of a bohemian interior I love.

Although my own interior is truly bohemian, yet I would like to transform my home to this charming residential style. But how do you do that? I asked myself, so I went to find out! These are the ideas and tips I encountered to create a boho interior.

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Dutch interior inspiration + some personal stuff

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve written something on DesignClaud. After the holidays I asked myself what my goal was with DesignClaud, if I still wanted to go on with the blog and what my focus would be. At the moment I’ve got enough work besides my blog and I do sell my posters and prints very well. Especially in Holland they are loved by many people.

But the blog is also a way of sharing my inspiration and passion for interior and that was something I missed the last few weeks. I’ve noticed that I would love to create my own content but I don’t have the possibilities to do that at the moment. So, as the time comes I hope to find more time to do that.

For now I want to share this gorgeous interior with you. It’s an apartment in the old city called Den Bosch in Holland. A gorgeous home with lots of stuff from flea markets and thrift shops. Have a look and dream away!

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‘Air plants’ for in your home!

Have you heard about ‘air plants’? I’ve seen them before, I think on Pinterest or in a magazine, but I didn’t know they called them ‘Air Plants’. Well, actually that is the literal translation from the Dutch name Luchtplantjes. Air plants do not need earth, they are very exotic and fresh. The most populair air plants if the Tillandsia but there are so many varieties which can be combined together. For example the Tillandsia Baileyi, a very exclusive epiphyte plant of the family. It’s a very green and sturdy plant with leaves that resemble tentacles. All the air plants are very fragile.

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Danish Retro Kids Room Inspiration

It is so wonderful to get inspiration for kids rooms. They are all so cute and cozy that I sometimes do not know what style I now like the most. Is it Scandinavian? Retro? Super colorful? Black and white? Sometimes I just want everything in my house! This retro kids room from Denmark is decorated with all sorts of items from different brands, shapes and colors. There are furniture of the thrift shop, the bed is an old sofa from the fifties, cushions from Ferm Living and the poster of Fine Little Day.

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A calm interior in Holland

Inspiring: a beautiful and calm interior in Bloemendaal, Holland! Bloemendaal is a town near the beach and is very popular in the summer. When I think of Bloemendaal, I almost directly think of the beach, the beach bars and the salty air. When you look at this calm interior, the picture is exactly right. I get that calm and peaceful feeling what I also feel on the beach. Through the use of raw wood, natural fabrics and natural colors, this interior really evokes the atmosphere of the beach.

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Kids room must-have: Fromage La Rue

A nursery is the place where you can pop with nice colors, accessories and furniture where you used to dream about when you were little. Create a paradise for your son or daughter where they can sleep, play, study and read books. A real kids room must-have are the lamps of Fromage La Rue. They are such fun! Lamps in the shape of lightning, clouds, stars or a heart. They have to come all the way from Australia so they are not cheap, but incredibly cool and fun!

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Scandinavian Black White Kids Room + Products I Love

Do you often look at things you can not or may not actually buy? I’ll do it more often, for example, watching at a beautiful winter coat that I actually can not buy, look for furniture that would not fit in my house or looking for yummy chocolate while I really want to lose weight … Why do we do that? My husband is much better at it: not looking at stuff he does not need. I wish I could do that…

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Living in a Nano-Home

Have you ever heard of Nano-Home? It's a flat-pack prefab home that can be moved very easily. Amazing isn't it? The only thing you need to do is, get rid of all your stuff because this Nano-Home is very small! I found a quote that really explains why you should...

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AirBnB in the desert

AirBnB has become a website for not only rentals for a holiday or a longer stay somewhere but it also has become a website for interior inspiration. Check out this AirBnB in the desert in Joshua Tree in California. The place is owned by a designer and artist couple...

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Pastel White Interior

In this beautiful house lives Louise. She is 35 years old and blogger on her blog. She lives with Jesper, 34 years old, as a professional carpenter and her daughters Merle 6 and Neel of 4. It is a beautiful villa of 114 m2 from 1947 in Hedensted. The beautiful neutral...

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10 Pastel kids rooms

Kids rooms are also now part of the total picture of an interior. Previously there was a bed, a wardrobe and a desk in a kids room, but in the recent years we did so much more in the rooms for the little ones. These 10 pastel kids rooms show you how much effort we are...

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Colorful decoration in the fall

Autumn is coming, usually accompanied by rain, wind and cold. Not the nicest thing of the autumn but it will offer time to enjoy the cozy indoors. I've started with a little colorful decoration in our kitchen. We live in a rented house so I usually don't do big...

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Last summer we went on a holiday to Denmark. I came back inspired by all the design we saw, the shops we went in to, the interiors that came by, the people and their fashion and the famous shop COS. I never went into this shop at home but in Denmark it all seemed...

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Flowers

Finally, after seeing so many and so often Urban Jungle Bloggers posts coming by, I took the time to participate myself. I love flowers and plants in my home. There can't be too many of them. Luckily for me, I got flowers from my husband last weekend, perfect to use...

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The latest collection of Tom Dixon

I've been a huge fan of Tom Dixon and his designs. He is a brilliant designer and creates the most outstanding products. His collection is extended with a few new designs. For example: new lamps but also new pieces of furniture and accessories. Let's have a look. New...

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Bedroom inspiration with Jaya!

I often want to do everything at once, I want to do this, do that but  that does not always work of course. Sometimes I run as most efficiently as possible through the house. When I go to the toilet, I also take this and that along with me so that I don't have to walk...

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Trend: Gold in your interior

It happened again, gold may be seen again in the interior. Since a while we use copper in our interiors but gold is also back in business! Do you need to get used to it? Me too! We have banished gold so long from our interiors. Well, we don't have to do that anymore,...

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Living in an Airstream

This is definitely one of my favorite subjects to write about on the blog; living in any kind of vehicle. I wrote about living in a bus before and that post gets a lot of hits every day. I guess you also really like to read about an other way living than just in an...

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10 of my own Nursery Posters

Hi guys, the last few months I'm all into the baby and nursery stuff. That happens when you get a baby I guess.. I really love decorating the nursery with a cute and colorful print but it should be sweet and peaceful. That's why I've designed a few nursery prints...

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My dream home!

My heart started beating super fast when I saw a picture of this gorgeous home in Biarritz in France. I was immediately sold! Such a light and spontaneous home. I really adore this kind of interior style. You can't create a style like this if you don't really love it....

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White interior with black accents

Black and white interiors keep coming back where you look. It's a trend! But for how long? Would it stick or is it within the next year gone with the black and white interiors? This (mostly) white interior has a number of black accents but fortunately some other...

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A summer home in Greece

Summer is almost over unfortunately. We've had a lot of nice and sunny days but sometimes the sun is just not enough. Sometimes you want more, more sun and heat, and a more stable climate. For example in Greece. Even if Greece is a lot in the news lately, it might not...

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A Retro Interior + Details

A beautiful open and spacious apartment in Berlin, all in the retro style. The owners are a young German couple who like to visit flea markets for furniture and accessories for in their apartment. This can be seen around their apartment as almost everything in their...

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12 Dreamy Bedrooms

I never sleep so well in a bedroom that is too crowded, uncomfortable or poorly exposed. A nasty atmosphere in the bedroom often gives me also a bad sleep. I noticed this especially well when we were traveling and slept almost every night in a different room. If the...

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A Scandinavian Summer Home

What a silly day it is. I got up with my inflamed eye all glued together, it is raining outside and the house needs a clean. Not really a day I was looking forward at. But hey, tomorrow is another day right! I wish I was in this gorgeous Scandinavian summer home at...

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DIY: 12x Cactus ideas

Cacti are hot and trendy at the moment. How can you combine different cactuses in your interior? Here are 12 great ideas for the cactus! 12x cactus ideas Put the cactus including plastic jar in a nice paper bag! Because cacti need very little water, you can take them...

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A Mini Cottage in Denmark

This wonderful mini cottage is a place to escape the daily grind. Once the owners enter the cottage, light the stove and enjoy the silence, they forget the everyday things. Here you will really relax, even though it is a small house. The mini cottage has been...

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A colorful Summer cottage in Denmark

Do you remember that I wrote about this cute little summer cottage in Denmark the other day? Well, I found another one! Again a beautiful colorful summer cottage with a gorgeous interior. How are they doing this in Denmark? It seems like every home is gorgeous over...

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A playful + colorful interior

Finally a truly colorful interior! Sometimes I try to believe not to use too much color in my home, but that will never work! When I walk through a furniture shop, I am attracted by the accessories and furniture with lots of color. It's just the way I am. The same...

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Inspiration: Green & Botanical Interior

When it has rained so much you can see very well how green our country really is. Trees, shrubs, plants and flowers. Everywhere you look, you see green! Green is also the new color in interior design and styling. For example, you see green coming back in the latest...

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A sturdy interior + DIY ideas

Super cool, all those beautiful interiors that pass on the internet. You don't have to go anywhere, from the couch at home you can view hundreds of interiors without seeing the same thing over and over again.. Especially if you're familiar with Pinterest. Before you...

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Interior inspiration: a Dutch Farmhouse

Oh la la la, I have so many dreams. But one of them is to live on a farm. A nice small and cozy farmhouse with a piece of land for a vegetable garden, a goat, a dog and some rabbits. I think it would be the perfect life with kids. Especially when you have live in one...

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Monday Mood Boards

Yesterday I received an email from Decor8 about a new creative project that Holly is launching. It's nothing totally new but it is definitely very inspiring. It gave me inspiration I desperately needed. While taking care of our little girl, my blog is sometimes a bit...

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Kids Wallpaper Collection Tout Petit

The popular Dutch brand Eijffinger has a new wallpaper collection for little children's rooms, the Tout Petit collection. This kids wallpaper collection is packed with fun prints and colors that fit perfectly in a nursery or kids room. From clouds to foxes and...

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The new collection of Ferm Living

Ferm Living has a new collection. The Spring / Summer 2015 collection is full with a lot of blue shades and patterns. Ferm Living has a great collection of wallpaper, kitchen items, bathroom and decorative items, children's items and office supplies. The latest...

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10 Of My Favorite Brick Walls

Brick walls can be a combination of an elegant and robust style in an interior. We see brick walls in chique restaurants and interiors but also in industrial and vintage interiors. So, that means that a brick wall can be suited for almost any kind of interior....

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