Stay warm and enjoy the beautiful cool air. With an outdoor jacuzzi you can! It is a wonderful way to relax, both in summer and autumn. With these tips you can make your jacuzzi ready for the colder days that are coming. This way you don’t have to store the spa and you can enjoy the jacuzzi all year round.

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The Supplies

1. Jacuzzi cover
2. Thermal blanket

Tips to get the jacuzzi ready for autumn

Tip 1

When the evenings are getting older, it is smart to use the “Auto Heat” function on your jacuzzi. This setting ensures that the water in your hot tub will automatically heat when the temperature outside drops. This way the water will not be cold and can not cause any damage to your spa. If you don’t have this setting, you can set the thermostat to “High” and the timer at 15 minutes per hour.

Tip 2

If you are not using the spa, close the air jets. If it is cold outside, these jets will circulate the cold air into the warm water. The spa will need to use more energy to keep the water on temperature. Don’t forget to open the air jets again when you want to use the jacuzzi.

Tip 3

It is a good idea to install a thermal blanket for your hot tub. This blanket will float on the warm water and provides an extra insulation. The temperature will be maintained better this wat. You can also use the lid or cover when you don’t use the jacuzzi.

Tip 4

Is it getting really cold? Check the water level regularly. If the water level is below the pump you can cause damage to your hot tub.

Tip 5 

Are you planning not to use the spa in the colder months? Let the water run out and store the jacuzzi in a safe place.

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