Part 3: Check out the curtains hanging in the camper

Last weekend I started making curtains for our camper. A completely new challenge for me! But it went well (except for a few crooked seams) and after sewing a full day I had finished three curtains.

When we started renovating the camper, we’ve removed all the curtains so we could paint properly. Back then, we never thought to write down which curtain hung where. In principle, that is not directly necessary for the self-explanatory or where they fit. Tuesday I went to the shed where the camper is and I hung up the curtains. Once they hung I began to doubt, the curtains behind the fold-down bed, next to the window, seem too short or too long. Probably these curtains don’t suppose to hang at the fold-down bed but at the windows below the folding bed. For now we will leave them hanging.

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Danish Retro Kids Room Inspiration

It is so wonderful to get inspiration for kids rooms. They are all so cute and cozy that I sometimes do not know what style I now like the most. Is it Scandinavian? Retro? Super colorful? Black and white? Sometimes I just want everything in my house! This retro kids room from Denmark is decorated with all sorts of items from different brands, shapes and colors. There are furniture of the thrift shop, the bed is an old sofa from the fifties, cushions from Ferm Living and the poster of Fine Little Day.

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Kids room must-have: Fromage La Rue

A nursery is the place where you can pop with nice colors, accessories and furniture where you used to dream about when you were little. Create a paradise for your son or daughter where they can sleep, play, study and read books. A real kids room must-have are the lamps of Fromage La Rue. They are such fun! Lamps in the shape of lightning, clouds, stars or a heart. They have to come all the way from Australia so they are not cheap, but incredibly cool and fun!

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Kids Room Decoration: Needle & I

Because I have a shop on Etsy myself, I often browse Etsy for new products, gift ideas and inspiration. That’s how I found out about Needle & I from New Zealand. Their soft, sweet and pastel colored items caught my attention. When you see something like this, you just want to buy it right away for your kids room. Needle & I sell super cute mobiles, flags, garlands and other soft items.

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Our newest addition: the Hymer motorhome/camper!

After two years of traveling the world and being at home for 1.5 years, we have some news to share. We bought a vintage ;-) Hymer motorhome! We obviously can not sit still again in the Netherlands and it sometimes gives us the creeps. We went on a trip last spring to Denmark to taste a little of what is actually Scandinavia. Well, we liked it very much! The only downside was that it was very cold during the nights in our tent trailer. Anyways, the traveling bug is still here and we would love to see more of the countries around us.

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Scandinavian Black White Kids Room + Products I Love

Do you often look at things you can not or may not actually buy? I’ll do it more often, for example, watching at a beautiful winter coat that I actually can not buy, look for furniture that would not fit in my house or looking for yummy chocolate while I really want to lose weight … Why do we do that? My husband is much better at it: not looking at stuff he does not need. I wish I could do that…

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Gray Label kids fashion

Ohhh yesss! I've found another cool kids fashion brand for my MUST HAVE list. This brand is Dutch and comes from Amsterdam and is to be honest not entirely new or anything. But for a mother who just became a mother, it is a new brand! I've noticed that suddenly a...

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Mommy ‘issues’ #1

It's been a while since I wrote about motherhood. My first post was seven weeks after Jaya was born. Now, seven months after her birth, she seems almost a teenager. The time goes by so fast. One moment it seems like your baby can't do anything and the next day they...

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10 of my own Nursery Posters

Hi guys, the last few months I'm all into the baby and nursery stuff. That happens when you get a baby I guess.. I really love decorating the nursery with a cute and colorful print but it should be sweet and peaceful. That's why I've designed a few nursery prints...

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Zara Mini Collection

Too cute to ignore, the Zara Mini collection! Their new Spring collection is out. Incredible cute clothes for babies from 0 - 12 months. My dad is a star sweatshirt Sweet jacket Flecked tie trousers Smile sweater  Blue stars shirt Leggings Knit shoes Organic cotton...

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Yummy recipes: Healthy pâté

Another healthy recipe on the blog today. Do you love pâté as well but you don't really like what is in there? Well, I've got the best recipe for you! Especially when you are pregnant, you should a different kind of pâté then the one with liver. This recipe has only 3...

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My Yoga Journey: Regret and good resolutions

Starting a new year is always accompanied by new and good intentions for the year ahead. What did you do last year but would you like to do better? What would you do differently? What are your intensions for the new year and what will you certainly do more in the new...

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By Nord accessories

Another great Danish brand is By Nord with products inspired by the gorgeous nature in Denmark. Typical for By Nord are the realistic photo prints on their products which makes them the real eye-catcher in your interior. By Nord Accessories for the kitchen Spice up...

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Ferm Living for Kids

Have you heard about Ferm Living before? Ferm Living is a Danish company established in 2005 by Trine Andersen. They started with wall decorations and are now specialized in interior accessories. She expanded her brand with more than 600 designs like wallpaper,...

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Baby Clothes: Little Indians

It's time to share some more baby related stuff ;-) I'm almost 20 weeks and the baby jitters are coming. It's funny how my favorite websites are changing from interior and travel related blogs to baby clothes, baby rooms and more baby blogs. I can't believe how life...

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