My Yoga Journey: Regret and good resolutions

Starting a new year is always accompanied by new and good intentions for the year ahead. What did you do last year but would you like to do better? What would you do differently? What are your intensions for the new year and what will you certainly do more in the new...

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Yoga, Winter & Cleansing

When you travel around the world and go to countries in their summers, you don't feel that seasonal vibe you have when you are at home. Well at least, my home. We've got 4 seasons, like many other places, and I do love them all. Every season has something special and...

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My Yoga Journey // Yoga Accessories

We are almost at the end of this wonderful year. What are your wishes and intentions for 2014? Mine will definitely be to keep on doing yoga. The last post I wrote about yoga and My Yoga Journey was about 2 weeks ago and was mainly about new postures I've learned...

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