Part 3: Check out the curtains hanging in the camper

Last weekend I started making curtains for our camper. A completely new challenge for me! But it went well (except for a few crooked seams) and after sewing a full day I had finished three curtains.

When we started renovating the camper, we’ve removed all the curtains so we could paint properly. Back then, we never thought to write down which curtain hung where. In principle, that is not directly necessary for the self-explanatory or where they fit. Tuesday I went to the shed where the camper is and I hung up the curtains. Once they hung I began to doubt, the curtains behind the fold-down bed, next to the window, seem too short or too long. Probably these curtains don’t suppose to hang at the fold-down bed but at the windows below the folding bed. For now we will leave them hanging.

Our newest addition: the Hymer motorhome/camper!

After two years of traveling the world and being at home for 1.5 years, we have some news to share. We bought a vintage ;-) Hymer motorhome! We obviously can not sit still again in the Netherlands and it sometimes gives us the creeps. We went on a trip last spring to Denmark to taste a little of what is actually Scandinavia. Well, we liked it very much! The only downside was that it was very cold during the nights in our tent trailer. Anyways, the traveling bug is still here and we would love to see more of the countries around us.

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