A while ago I shared with you our new house and I got great comments that I planned to keep sharing the ideas for our new home. Perhaps you can help us make some decisions or giving us great advise.

living room Inspiration for our new home

I will be sharing our ideas for the new house in phases on DesignClaud. Today I want to show you my ideas for the living room with a map and style images as living room inspiration.

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The living room will be the area with the blue rectangle on the map. This area will be for lounging, watching tv and overlooking the garden. I also want to place my sideboard in this area. The walls will be white (RAL 9010). As decoration and furniture I was planning to use our own couch which is grey and some new elements like a colorful rug, a striking floor lamp next to the couch and the womb chair. The fruit boxes are for storage but also as decoration but I’m not sure yet where I want to place them.

What do you think so far of the living room inspiration I’m showing here? Do you think that by adding color with a rug and lamp is enough or does it need more? I’m thinking of hanging frames with art on the wall so that will give the room more color. 

For more living room inspiration and other great living rooms, check out my Pinterest board.

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