Who is a long term traveler? When are you a long term traveler? And how do you become a long term traveler?

Well, to tell you a secret.. there is none!

Every time we meet new travel friends, people on the road or friends who come to visit us, ask the same question; how do you do this? How do you have a lifestyle like this?

There are obviously more ways to do it but the way we prefer to travel around the world is to have a business in our own country and work for that from where ever you are. This way you still earn money like you did when you were home and you can work from every country you want to go. Well, at least from the countries where they have internet ;-) People intend to call travelers like us Digital Nomads.

I find it important to travel and see the world instead of sitting in a cubicle. It’s important to enrich your life with travel moments as these will teach you much more than you will learn when you stay in the same social and work ‘world’.

Before you decide to leave your home and jump on a plane to the other side of the world, you have to think and decide what your travel goal is. Because you will experience some hard times and that’s when you have to remind yourself why you are doing this.

One of my goals to go traveling for a long term is to experience and find more inspiration about architecture, design and lifestyle during the time that I am away. I don’t like to only know what’s going on in my own country. I want to see what’s going on in Japan, what they love to do there, how they handle things, what their traditions are, how I manage to live in a different culture like the Japanese culture.

What's a long term traveler
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Another goal was to learn a few things for myself. For example; to be content with what I have, with the least we can live with, with the benefits of my country and to see how lucky we are as western people. To learn how to sit still, how to be able to do nothing at all and enjoy this as long as I want. Because, how many times are you doing nothing when you have a busy life? When do you have a time for yourself, really time for yourself, without your husband or boyfriend being at home, without thinking about that project at work, without picking up the kids an hour later? When was your last day, FULL day, of doing nothing?

The answer will often be; NEVER. I never had a day that I didn’t have to do anything and that I wanted to do nothing. When I had a sunday without anything planned, I planned stuff or there was always something that I had to, even if it was something small.

It’s not a shame to sit still for once. It’s not bad to be able to enjoy the little things in life because you realize it more after you’ve had periods of being still.

So, a long term traveler is someone who has a (travel) goal in life. They want to reach this goal and probably extend or expand the goal a bit more when they are trying to reach it. A goal that is all about seeing the world from a different angle.

This angle can be different for all of us. Some want to see the world and do the most extreme things. Some want to learn more about the culture and people. Some want to travel and see everything in 6 months. Or some just want to travel and see what happens.

Seeing what happens is one of the things you have to be able to do when you travel. Planning is very difficult sometimes, especially when you are with two. Try to be flexible and let life change around you. Don’t try to stop it but let it happen.

What goals do you have when you leave for a trip?

Safe travels xoxo Claudia

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