At the moment the economy is not really great of course. We hear a lot of bad news from people in Europe about their jobs, the work they have to do, the amount of work which gets bigger every day, the attitude of their colleagues. It’s just not fun anymore! People are getting stressed really quickly because of all this. You should think about your job if it makes you happy? Or if you are just doing this job to pay off the mortgage and other loans?

Travel tips for long-term traveling

Before I left the Netherlands, I quitted my job in Amsterdam. Together with my boyfriend, we decided to go traveling now. For a lot of reasons, like the economy, our age, the opportunity we had at the moment, but most of all because we just wanted to go and travel!

You know, a lot of people say to me that they don’t have the opportunity to go traveling. They start to talk about money, their house, their mortgage and so much more that they don’t give their self a chance to go. They think of all these reasons why they shouldn’t go but they should think of the reasons why they SHOULD go! You know, money can be a problem but if you got the money for a ticket to South East Asia or where ever you want to go, your done! Book the ticket and go! Find a great job somewhere, save some money, travel, find a new job and go on. There is always a way! You just have to WANT to find that way..

About a year ago, when I just started blogging on DesignClaud, I saw a great movie about this kind of stuff. Really, it changed my mind. I wrote a post about the movie and got a lot of response in my email. I think a lot of people deal with these kind of issues. So, you should definitely watch it, it is so great! It is called “I’m Fine, Thanks” . You can download it for $5,- or buy the DVD.

As an extra bonus for this post I’ll give you some tips and tricks for long-term traveling.

Long-term traveling: Before you go think about..

  • Weather; It’s not always sunny in the south so don’t forget to check some things about the weather conditions. When is the rainy season? What’s the best season to visit specific countries? What do I need to bring?
  • Health; Is there any malaria in that area? What do I need to take with me to prevent it? If I need more tablets, where can I get them? You can always contact a local travel doctor at home to find out which hospitals or pharmacies sell legal malaria tablets. Be careful because there may be people who try to sell you the fake cheap ones.
  • Other vaccinations; Which ones do I need for the countries I’m going to? Where can I get them? Try to take them at home and not in a foreign country. Especially not in Africa where they could use second-hand needles.
  • Documents; Make copies of everything you take with you. Scan and PDF all your cards, credit cards, insurance card etc. and your travel documents. Save them on your computer, email and Dropbox which is great if you also have a smart phone.
  • Back ups; Before you leave, make a backup of your computer. When you are traveling you can take a portable external hard disk with you so you can make back ups when you want.
  • Insurances; Very important to arrange is your insurances for traveling and health. Every country has his own rules of course but I will share my experiences with you. A travel insurance is very important. Check that your gadgets are insured for everything. When you lose them or when they get stolen. By the way, if they got stolen, it’s not sure you will get the money back because you have to get a police form first. My travel insurance also covers medical expenses that my medical insurance will not cover for any reason. And then your medical insurance. It’s very important that they cover your expenses in a foreign country and check how much they refund to you. We also declared our vaccinations before we left.

Long-term traveling: Packing like a Boss

  • First aid kit; Maybe you think it’s a bit too much to take a first aid kit, but believe me. You are very glad that you’ve got it with you when you need it in the middle of nowhere. Just buy a kit at a travel shop and add some personal stuff you wish to take. I’ve taken some creams which are for rashes and of course pain killers, diarrhea stoppers etc.
  • Headlamp; very handy when you have to go to a toilet in the dark. For example, in Mongolia they have no toilets but just a hole in the ground. You need your hands for other things than a torch.
  • Point it book; To point out what you are looking for! Buy this before you leave because you won’t find it when you are in an Asian country.
  • Waterproof bag; For your camera, phone and other import stuff when you go out on a boat to that great island!
  • Smartphone; I have travelled with an old Nokia which didn’t had a camera. But nowadays I’m so happy with my iPhone. It’s so easy to take a quick picture or share your experiences with your family and friends at home.
  • Electric Gadgets; Internet or Wi-Fi is available in more and more countries but often the computers in hostels are occupied or very old. That’s why I’ve taken my own MacBook Air with me. It’s so much easier and you’ve got all your files with you. It’s important to take a very good camera with you. You don’t want to take crappy pictures for years. I’ve bought a Nikon 1 before I left. I had a Canon SLR but I’m a bit lazy and I don’t want to carry a big heavy camera all the time. If you go traveling together with your friend, husband, boyfriend or anyone. Maybe it’s a good idea when you can exchanges lenses with each other.

Do you find these tips useful? Or maybe you’ve got even better ones!

Enjoy your travels!

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