Funky Friday it is! Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t been on the blog much lately. The wifi is a bit disappointing in Malaysia so far and we’ve been very busy traveling with my parents-in-law. We left Kuala Lumpur almost a week ago and went up to Kuantan to stay for the night. Beautiful beach there with a Hyatt resort, beautiful! Unfortunately we didn’t stay there for the night ;-) Next time! After that we drove to Lake Kenyir. A beautiful hand-made lake in the middle of almost nowhere. After a few days at the lake, it was time to hit the road again. This time a short ride to Kuala Besut to take a speedboat to the Perhentian Islands!

The Perhentian islands are located 45 minutes of the east coast of Malaysia in the South China sea. This is also the sea where for example Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Toa are but, the Perhentian Islands are much better! Except the beaches, less touristy and the people are the Perhentians situated in the clearest sea I’ve ever seen. Magnicificent! It is incredibly blue, clear and clean so you can imagine how happy and blown away I was when we went snorkeling and we could enjoy this gorgeous Β ocean even more!

I think the photos will explain it all and don’t need any words to encourage everything.

The first dive we made was when I saw this beautiful turtle. I’ve never seen a turtle before in my life. It was so big and so calm, even when about 20 divers were around it. At first we spotted the turtle at the bottom of the ocean but then it came up for some air and when it went down we were amazed by what was underneath him.. A little shark was hitch hiking!

The captain of our boat took us with him the last dive at Romantic Beach at the Perhentian Kecil Island where he found this toxic stingray. He played with it as if it was his pet. Incredible! One bite and he would be dead…

A view of Romantic Beach and the ocean… Paradise isn’t it? I really loved it here, the vibe, the nature and the temperature was perfect as well. Hot during the day and cool at night. I would definitely recommend these islands!

What kind of cool creatures of the underwater world have you seen and where? Leave a reply at the bottom of this post, because I would love to know!

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