Shopping at the markets in Bali! A few weeks ago I went to a traditional market, Pasar Badung, in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, together with my Indonesian friend. I was looking for these traditional Balinese baskets the locals use for praying and bringing offers to the temple. The women carry a few of them stacked on their heads to the temple. We’ve also seen it during the cremation procession in Ubud in October. Most of the baskets have beautiful colors and decorations and are made by hand.

Painted by a Dutch artist named A. E. Herrmann. An exotic scene in Bali around the 1920’s. You can see the ladies using the baskets and packing it in front of a temple.

So, this was our goal when we went to the market. Finding beautiful baskets for a local price. When you go to this market by yourself, as a foreigner, they will charge you more than when you come with a local. Some of the sales ladies started asking my Indonesian friend who I was; because she had to come up with a good story to get the best price for me, she told them that I was married to her Balinese brother. I do understand a few words Bahasa now but this went to quick for me. When we walked away from the first few sales ladies; I had to ask my Indonesian friend why they were all so happy, laughing and looking at me? What did she tell them?

Apparently it’s a very good thing when a Balinese guy (beli) gets involved with a foreigner. They would love to have a foreigner in their family. The ladies gave us good prices, some very cheap and others a bit more expensive but still a good price for me.

We’ve seen many beautiful baskets and now it’s time for me to pick some. My friend will go back to the market and get them for me. She hopes that the prices will be lower this way.


Paint your own baskets in lovely colors and add some decorations to it as well. Baskets are also sold in different kind of shapes all over the world so you can definitely find one in your home town and get creative like the Balinese do.

The prices //

Would you like to know the price? It can be a little bit shocking because I’ve seen the same baskets for about double the price, or even more, on the internet.

When you buy baskets like this, they often come with 2 or 3 more inside. You will get 3 or 4 of the same design baskets but in different sizes for 100.000 – 250.000 rupiahs. This is about 10 – 25 dollars.

More things I loved at the Markets in Bali //

When I go to a market, I always find more than I need. Especially since we are travelling I find all these beautiful global treasures I just want to send home. The same happened on this market in Bali; pasar Badung. Besides the baskets I loved the little shrines they use in their houses and outside in their garden as little temples. They put their offerings up here and pray to the gods. I would love to use them in my house as little tables on the wall, as a nightstand or in a kids room. They come in all sizes and are incredibly light (perfect for shipping).

The other thing I loved on the market in Bali is these umbrellas. I’ve seen them everywhere around Bali. In front of temples, shops, houses, little shrines and in gardens. The hard thing about this is that shipping can be a little bit difficult; the pole is a bit long!

Have a look at this temple to see how the Balinese use these umbrellas and how gorgeous they look!

Handwoven Blankets //

These random colored, handwoven throw blankets are perfect for a cosy night on the couch with a cup of tea. I love that they are a bit crowded with colors and patterns. When you combine them with a plain colored throw blanket it will look really good.

Masks of Balinese animals, Buddha and more //

This shop only sold masks for a cheap price. The red face masks with the teeth and big ears are typical Balinese. When they organize a ceremony, often a person dressed with a mask like this walks in front of the procession.

I still have to decide about the baskets. So tell me, which one would you pick? What color do you prefer? 

Have a look at my Global Treasures Pin Board to see more baskets and other Global treasures!

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