It’s been a while since I wrote about motherhood. My first post was seven weeks after Jaya was born. Now, seven months after her birth, she seems almost a teenager. The time goes by so fast. One moment it seems like your baby can’t do anything and the next day they sit next to you on the couch. Okay, sometimes she falls to side .. for example, when I wanted to take a picture of her because she was so beautiful and sitting like she owned it. BOOM! She fell on her head. Lesson learned mommy!

Another lesson I need to learn is to get the hang of it letting go. We all have to believe there will be a time to. For example, one parent must learn to let go when their newborn baby still has to remain longer in the hospital, so the other learns three months later when her baby goes to daycare and another anxious mother learns when her baby seven months later is going to daycare. Jup, it’s time, Jaya is now at daycare. Although only once a week but still, she is going! If I’m happy with it I do not know, I mean I love to have her by my side.

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I work from home when Jaya is asleep, when my mother comes to take care of her or when Jaya goes to daycare now The first day was last week. We were going to bring her together and fortunately she has no idea that we are leaving her there. When Bas picked her up at the end of the day, she was crying and sitting alone in a baby chair. Absolutely not the best time to come in and pick up your child. You bring them there because she will have a nice and fun time (as far as can at this age), and they will take good care of her. But they do not have all the time in the world for each child so yes, occasionally sitting alone and crying can happen. And this time it was our daughter sitting there alone and crying.

Poor girl, at home mom comes to her when she cries but unfortunately they will not always come to her at daycare. She must wait for her turn. You wonder; is this a good idea that we bring her there? Or shouldn’t we had to wait until she was older so she could play with other children?

In addition, she also drinks not very good at daycare, with the result that she is hungry at midnight like she was when she was younger. Thankfully sleeping at daycare went well (because of all the crying?) and went to bed three times like she does at home.

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It seems to us a matter of persevering, do not give up too fast and wait and see. Babies feel more than we think, so we give her some time to find her way there. The fact that she only goes once a week will not help her to get used to the situation quickly but anyways. I know I should not complain and that I’m very lucky that Jaya can stay at home with me for so many days a week. But, picking your child up or dropping off while crying does not feel good, right?

Oh yeah, the photos are of my photo wall I made a while ago. Jaya is quite explicitly present ;-) but there will be pictures of our world trip on the wall soon. I only need to organize around 20.000 pictures….

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