Make sure that when you are in Bali that you will visit the Mother Temple of Besakih. It’s about 2 hour drive from Canggu and it’s located at the foot of the Mt. Agung. One of Bali’s volcano’s. But even when you will not go to Bali, it’s still a very interesting spot to know and read about. Because besides India, Bali is also Hindu for about 80% and this is their most important temple.

The Mother Temple of Besakih is..

  • The most important and holiest temple in Bali.
  • Located almost 1000 meters up the side of Mt. Agung.
  • Exist out of 23 buildings.
  • The most beautiful during a sunny day because you will see Mt. Agung in the background and the ocean in the front.
  • Very old. They don’t know how old exactly but at least about 2000 years.
  • The temples are aligned upwards so the religious person will be led upward and closer to the mountain which is considered sacred. You will walk up via stairs and terraces.
  • The main sanctuary of the Mother Temple of Besakih is Pura Penataran Agung which has a symbolic center the lotus throne.
  • Miraculously saved from a volcano eruption in 1963 when the lava just missed the temple by mere meters. This saving is seen as miraculously by the Balinese people and a signal from the gods.
  • Is on the World Heritage List since 1995.
  • Covered with tour guides who tell you that you can’t go in without them. We were their on a Full Moon day so there were lots of ceremonies going on which we weren’t allowed to see but with the tour guide we could. I would recommend to check out the temple first before hooking up with a tour guide as I think you can walk around by yourself on a normal day.

Full Moon Day in the Mother Temple of Besakih

During the full moon days and the new moon days, the Balinese people will go to their temples and pray. The Balinese have their own 210 day calendar which is complicated to us.

Every color at the three statues means something different; red = brahman, black = Wisnu, white = Iswara, yellow = Mahadeva and blue = Sambhu. All gods in Hinduism.

The Balinese people will wear white clothing when they go praying in the temples. When there is a cremation like the one we went to in Ubud about 2 months ago, the men will wear black shirts and a typical Balinese sarong and the ladies will wear something that’s right to the family.

Have a look at this video to get a vibe of the Mother Temple of Besakih

This subject is something that doesn’t interests everyone but I hope I have shown you a bit of this very special temple for the Balinese. When you are in Bali, things and spots like this will inspire you.

Have you ever experienced Hinduism? What did you think about it? Could you find something interesting or you couldn’t connect with it at all? 

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