Ohh, I’m so excited to share this post with you. I’m a big fan of the Muuto, a very young company from Denmark. Established in 2007 by Peter Bonnen and Kristian Byrge. The name Muuto comes from the Finish word ‘muutos’ which means ‘change’ or ‘new perspective’. Muuto wants to put the beautiful history of Scandinavian design back on the world map of design.

Muuto Living Room by DesignClaud

From the collection of Muuto I’ve chosen my favorites for in a living room. A comfortable couch, a cool sideboard with boxes, an amazing lamp on the ceiling and decorations.

I think the combination of the bright red couch and the soft red accessories do a good job with grey and white furniture. What do you think? By the way, I totally love that wooden lamp on the coffee table. Maybe something for in a nursery as well.

Muuto Dining Room

Next is my collection of furniture for the dining room. A few yellow touches with a lamp and the hooks on the wall. Again a lot of furniture has a neutral basic color like the wood or white. That’s why I wanted to bring some more color into the room by adding the typical yellow of Muuto and the soft red of the dining chairs and the baskets.

You can click on the images to get more info about the products. If you want to buy Muuto in the United states; follow this link. On this website you can also find Muuto in other countries.

Oh, and don’t miss the beautiful catalogue of Muuto here. Enjoy!

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