Happy New Year! A new year is ahead of us. New chances, possibilities and experiences! Where did you celebrate New Years this year? We had a beautiful day and new year in Sydney Harbour for the best fireworks in the world! Around 12pm we left Pymble by train and went to the city to catch a ferry to Bradleys Head. This is one of the advantage points to watch the fireworks that go off from the harbour bridge and the opera house. We bought tickets for $50 each so we could go into the sight. We had an amazing view over the harbour with a bench to sit on and some lovely treats to kill the day.

Our view during the day to the harbour bridge and opera house, isn’t it gorgeous? At this time there were already lots of boats but at the end of the afternoon it was crowded!

Besides the harbour bridge and the opera house, they also placed about 6 barges through the harbour where they let of fireworks as well. This way everyone in the harbour can enjoy the fireworks.

This year the fireworks show was designed by artist and owner of Mambo, Reg Mombassa. Have a look at this video to see who he is and what he created.

Intentions for 2014

What are your intentions for the new year? Have you thought of any or do you think it’s nonsense?

Happy New Year!!

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