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From now on, Gaby Dam from the colorful and creative DIY website called Piece of Make, will publish a new and cool DIY idea here on DesignClaud every month for the rest of 2014. The first idea she shared with us was the fruit stamping DIY. Do you remember? A great idea to do yourself or with kids. This month Gaby will share her DIY about making your own necklace. This DIY necklace is super easy and lots of fun. Gaby, tell us about it! 

Piece of Make DIY necklace

Everyone bumps into illustrations and images that they want to save for later. “Some day I will use them for something..”. Well, it’s time to do something with those images because they are perfect to create a DIY necklace with. This necklace is something you can create in your own style. It’s cool for girls but also for ladies. Use the most beautiful images for your DIY necklace.

What do you need?

  • 1 sheet of transfer paper
  • Piece of white cotton fabric
  • Baking paper
  • A little bit of fiberfill (filling)
  • (Old) chain or a (learning) cord
  • Sewing machine

How to Make a DIY necklace?

Go and search for images on for example Pinterest or inspiring blogs. Use a square image or an image with a white background. Save those images to your computer and make them the right size in Word or Photoshop. If you are using text, you need to make sure the text is in mirror writing because the transfer paper will mirror it back.

DIY Necklace
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Print the images in color on the transfer paper. You can use more images on 1 sheet of transfer paper so you won’t loose any space and you can create more necklaces (1).

Then you can apply the image with an iron on the cotton fabric. Definitely read the description of the transfer paper before you start. Usually you need a piece of baking paper but this is different for every brand (2 and 3).

Cut the image out of the cotton and leave an edge of white fabric around it so the sowing will be easier (4).

Cut the same piece of cotton for the back of the necklace and place the two forms together. Sew almost around densely with small and closely spaced zigzag stitch (5).

Don’t close the form completely while you are sewing. You need to fill it up with fiberfill first. Don’t fill it too tightly because this will make closing the form even harder on a sewing machine.

Now it’s time to close the form so you can wear the DIY necklace (6). Cut it out by going around the form and leaving a bit of cotton behind.

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Finally you can attach a chain or leather strap to your fabric image by sewing it by hand (7). Use a fine necklace you no longer wear and you’ve got something new and creative. ‘A piece of Art’!

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Until next time!

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