I can’t believe I’m writing this but within 2 weeks I will be back home in the Netherlands. Home after 21 months of travelling around the world without being home. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to but also been afraid off for a while. Travelling gives you so much freedom that I’m a bit afraid I will loose that. But then I think of all the plans I’ve made for the last months for DesignClaud and what I want to do at home what I couldn’t do while I was travelling.

I thought it would be fair to inform you all about what is going to happen and what to expect from DesignClaud, because this journey we call World Trip Part 1 will end but DesignClaud will not of course. I won’t leave you ;-) hihi!

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So, what is going to happen to DesignClaud then?

I’ve planned lots of great posts for you already so I can enjoy being around family and friends again for the first few days and don’t have to worry about writing posts.

#1 Travel Related Posts

My travels will not disappear from the blog. I’ve still lots of pictures and inspiration I want to share with you that I haven’t found the time for yet. The good thing is about being home; having an amazing internet connection again! Woohoo! You can’t imagine how many times I’ve hesitated about throwing the hotel router and modem out of the window. How can people live with such a slowwwwwww internet connection. But it always worked at the end and I’m very grateful for that. Even on the littlest islands or poorest countries there was always some sort of connection. I still can’t believe it. So, lots of travel posts for you with inspiring temples, cities, architecture, culture and food.

#2 Design Related Posts

The other part of my blog is the Design part. I’m a lover of beautiful interior design, fashion design, photography and illustrations. I’m planning to create my first DIY projects for DesignClaud, I hope to photograph lots of beautiful interiors for the blog and to find lots of inspiration for interiors with a travel vibe.

#3 Picking up My Yoga Journey

Then, there is My Yoga Journey which has been a bit low recently. I’ve been on the outlook for yoga lessons in the Netherlands, yoga images on Pinterest, yoga clothes and yoga books so I’m ready to pick up where I left as soon as I’m home.

#4 Food posts from around the world

Another part of the blog I want to pick up is Food. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many different dishes in my life as the last 21 months. Most of the time they were amazing, sometimes a bit too spicy and only a few times it was just disgusting but I do take it all with me home. All the recipes, inspiration and taste. I want to try these Japanese, Indonesian, Thai or Vietnamese recipes myself, so stay tuned for some food posts on DesignClaud.

#5 ? Your wish is my command

Tell me, what are you missing on DesignClaud? Which category of posts do you like the most? And which kind of posts would you like to see more of?

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