Since a few months I’m using my Etsy shop a bit more. I signed up to Etsy about a year ago but didn’t do much with it. While we were travelling through Australia, I thought about how fun it would be to have some unique prints for on the wall of every country. I immediately regretted not buying a fun print in every country we’ve been so far. But then I thought, why not draw prints myself? So I started with a print of our road trip through Australia. I really enjoyed designing and drawing these prints so I kept on doing it. Before I knew it I filled my Etsy shop with almost 90 prints. My favorite ones at the moment are the Quote Prints. These Quote Prints are great to print and frame for on your wall in a kitchen or your living room.

DesignClaud’s Quote Prints

Quote Prints
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This quote is one of my favorites. I feel really connected with these words. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost. That totally explains for me why someone would travel the world.

I’m sorry. Everyone needs this one day. To say I’m sorry to someone. This print could also be made as a card so you can send it.

Ik hou van Holland means I love Holland with some cute authentic houses you’ll find in Amsterdam. This print is also available in blue and in a stamp design print.

Eat Healthy Travel Often. I agree, do you too?

Love is a valuable thing, isn’t it? Again I quote I’ve heard somewhere during my travels.

And my last Quote Print for this post is Find The One Who Makes Your Heart Smile. Isn’t that so true when you think about it?

You can find all these prints plus many more in my Etsy shop. I would love it if you could share this post around and tell people around you about these printables!


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