Yes, I found some wi-fi again :-) I can’t explain how I miss being online and write on my blog. Awful, isn’t it? Not being able to cope without internet these days? We’ve met lots of travelers who cope with the same disease ;-) Especially in a vast country as Australia, there are lots of places where you won’t have a signal on your mobile phone. Being back online I’m so happy to share this with you; The Great Ocean Road: one for a road trip! It definitely is one for a road trip!

A lot of travel guides give recommendations about which roads in the world are perfect for a road trip. Every one knows Route 66 in the United States which is a road they say you should drive once in your life. Not because the road itself is so amazing but it’s mostly the area, the views and the length of a road that makes it so special to do. The Great Ocean Road (GOR) is one of those recommendations by some travel guides as well.

The Great Ocean Road (GOR) is situated in the state Victoria and it heads from Melbourne along beautiful rugged, windswept beaches into the (west) direction of Adelaide. It’s a spectacular coastal drive with lots of nice little towns along the way. The road itself was built during the Great Depression on top of majestic cliffs. Be sure that you stop at Bell’s beach where the world championship surfing is once a year.

Lots of travelers do the GOR by touring company. Often because they are too afraid to drive in another country, don’t have a driver’s license or on their own and renting a vehicle is too expensive. But if you can, I would recommend you do rent a vehicle and do the GOR by yourself. This way you can choose where to stop, where to swim if you want to, visit those remote beaches where touring companies don’t come and have a bit of peace. Because the GOR definitely deserves a few days.


Our stops along the way

1. Melbourne – Lorne

2. Lorne – Princetown

3. Princetown – Portland

In between we stopped at every town to either have a coffee, a swim or a walk around. If you have lots of time or if you are doing the Great Ocean Road return than you can stop at many more places because there is a lot to see and do here.

Camping at the Great Ocean Road

Camping grounds can be very expensive around the GOR. Especially in the summer and high season of Australia (Oct – March). During December and January all the kids are off from school so the locals go traveling themselves. Campgrounds are packed and often a booking is required.

Because these campgrounds are often incredibly expensive (around $50 per night for a campsite) and we are self-sufficient, we stayed at free bush camp grounds. These places are amazing. They are a bit of the coast (20 km often) but free. Most of them have toilets, pick nick tables and lots of other travelers. There is no power and no shower on these campgrounds but for a few nights every now and then it’s perfect ;-)

You can find them at the information centre where they will give you free bush camp brochures and maps. If you can’t find anything like this, ask if they know any free camp grounds like ones on the beach or along a river.

Highlight of the Great Ocean Road

The best about the GOR trip was our helicopter flight. 15 minutes above the famous twelve (actually there are only 8 left) apostles and the London bridge. If you’ve never heard about these names; check my photos and you will understand why it’s called London bridge and the twelve apostles.

The helicopter pilot takes you along the coast and shows you all the gorges, beaches, towns and apostles that are left in the ocean. Beautiful sight and definitely worth the money ($145 pp for 15 min).

For more info about the Great Ocean Road, visit the website or have a look at the map of the Great Ocean Road! You can also hop over to my Flickr account and see all the pictures of the Great Ocean Road.

I had a wonderful time at the Great Ocean Road but the road trip through Australia is not over yet. We have to move on to Perth! Another 3000 km to go!

Lots of sunshine and hugs from Australia!

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