Have you ever heard of the Rotorua thermal pools? Thermal pools are all starting at a hot spring. It’s a spring that is produced by the emergence of geo thermally heated groundwater from the earth. So the deeper we go into the earth, the hotter it gets. The temperature of a hot spring depends on how deep the spring is. The water comes in touch with the hot rocks in the earth and heats up like this. It depends on what kind of area you are in. When it’s a non-volcanic area, the water heats up by the rocks. When you are in a volcanic area, the water is heated by coming in contact with magma. That’s why the water can boil or becomes superheated when it comes out of the hot spring. Besides a hot spring, there can also be a geyser. This is when water becomes so hot that it builds steam pressure. It will erupt in a massive jet above the surface of the earth.

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The hot spring you see here was near boiling point so extremely dangerous. There was no geyser but you can see all the steam coming off the hot water. This place Rotorua Thermal Pools we went to is called Waikite Valley Hot Pools. They’ve got a campground next to the hot pools so you can enjoy till 9pm in the evening and from the 6am the next morning till 12pm when you check out again.

They cool down the water by letting it flow over this plateau for a while. Then it goes into the pools when it’s about 39 till 41 degrees celsius. The 41 pool is pretty hot and almost unbearable. The water does smell a bit weird but they say it’s therapeutically.

Let’s go bubbling in the Rotorua Thermal Pools! Do you like to go to Hot Pools? To relax all day or do you have enough after an hour?

Safe travels, Claudia

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