Oh, did I never expected to be Santa Cruz that fun. If you’ve never heard about Santa Cruz before, most of the stories are about the famous boardwalk in Santa Cruz. It’s a boardwalk with a theme park. Lots of attractions, people and food is what you can find on this boardwalk. We walked around for half an hour and had enough of the crazy attractions, incredibly fat and sweet food and shouting people. I can imagine that families with kids think this is the perfect thing to go to but as a couple, or young travellers, it’s just a tourist attraction.

Seeing the rides, carousel, roller coasters and food stalls did give me a happy feeling because they were all so bright and colorful.

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Santa Cruz Travel Tip

Downtown Santa Cruz is great for shopping and if you are looking for a coffee or a surf / clothing shop I have the perfect address. When you are at the boardwalk, continue west along the beach. After a few minutes, you will see The Picnic Basket on your righthand side. This is a lovely stop for a coffee. Next to this coffee shop is a shop I really liked with surf clothing, jewelry, Santa Cruz t-shirts and lots of gadgets.

As you can see the beach would also be a good way of spending the day here. Have you been to Santa Cruz before? What did you do in this coastal town?

Enjoy your time in the rides, in downtown or at the coffee shop. Until next time, Claudia 

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