A very cool town on the north island of New Zealand is Tauranga Surf Town. It is located in the Bay of Plenty and has a very good surf! It’s popular among locals for surfing but also amongst tourists. The best place to go is near Mount Maunganui.

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It’s an odd hill at the end of a small peninsula but it’s the best place to visit the beach, have a look around, find great coffee shops, bars and shops and watch the surf.

Every surf town seems to have great old cars as well. What do you think of this one? How cool is that sliding door on the side? The owner walked out, took his surf board and went for it. It looked so cool ;-)

It’s a small version of the Bedford bus I’ve shown you in my earlier post about Living in a Bus. Those people converted the bus to a home!

Safe travels and a happy surf, Claudia

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