Why not design your own garden as a holiday resort like the ones in Bali or Java in Indonesia or Thailand? Teak garden furniture gives your garden the atmosphere of these beautiful countries and island in your own backyard. It is a type of wood that originates from Southeast Asia and shouldn’t be lacking in your tropical garden design.

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Sustainable furniture

Teak garden furniture gives you not only a tropical, oriental atmosphere in your garden but you also benefit from the prolonged quality. It is very resistant to many weather conditions. In a country like the Netherlands for example, it is very convenient. Teak is strong, robust, has a warm atmosphere and great features.

One of these features is the high content of oils and rubber components. These are naturally present and form the protective layer of the wood. Teak garden furniture is therefore easy to maintain. However, we advise you to treat teak every 6 months with a special teak oil. This way the color of the wood will be well preserved.

Do you want the real resort feel in your own backyard? Complete your garden design with dark green and tropical plants plus soft, light colored fabric cushions and throws. If you’ve got a roof garden, semi-transparent white curtains can also look great.

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Teak garden furnishing

You can use teak garden furniture in all kinds of styles. Would you prefer to relax in your garden with your friends and family? A lounge teak set would be the perfect outcome! Or do you love to dine for hours in your garden? Go for a expandable teak garden table. During the late summer it is lovely to have a extra source of heat in your garden. An outside carefree teak fireplace is a perfect solution for these days. Enjoy until late into the night around the fire in your tropical garden.

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