Autumn has officially begun and it shows immediately. The days are becoming cooler and shorter but on the contrary, there are also many beautiful fall colors appearing and the sun shines beautifully. Especially during those days when the weather is lovely and you can sit with sweater outside on your terrace, autumn is at its best. Enjoy your garden while the leaves are changing their colors on beautiful teak garden tables.

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Once the fall begins, everyone goes out again to look for chestnuts, nice big leaves, nuts and other beautiful decorations for fall pieces. Making autumnal pieces for the table is becoming more popular, now that the DIY trend is back. But, a nice fall piece also needs a nice spot to shine.

An autumn garden with teak garden tables

During the fall you’re not sitting in your garden very often, but if the opportunity is there, then it is wonderful to be able to sit somewhere. For example, at a garden table such as an unique teak garden table. The best thing of teak is that the natural oils in the wood, protect the table during the wet weather. Therefore, it doesn’t mind if you leave the teak set outside all winter. If you still want to protect the teak set more, you can always cover it with a slip-over or sail.

There are countless solid teak garden tables available but we wanted something unique, something with a story, something different. We found the ‘garden monastery table’, made of teak wood from the Indonesian island of Java. Characteristic of monastery tables are the massive wooden table legs as you can see in this model.

The garden monastery table is a robust and generous table for the garden. The table is also available in 200 – 250 and 300 cm. Is your garden not so big, there are also smaller versions teak garden tables such as the following models.

This teak garden table is typical because of the strong markings and sleek shapes. The sizes of this table vary from 200 to 300 cm. The wood from Indonesia is usually already been used for another purpose. In the old days the local houses on the island of Java were built of this teak wood. Teak is tropical hardwood, grows in Indonesia and is therefore easy to obtain for the Indonesians. Years later turned out that the teak wood is also well suited to make furniture out of it as solid teak garden furniture.

Teak garden tables are available in all shapes and sizes as you can see. The round teak garden table is available in 100 – 120 – 140 and 160 cm, so you can sit with a lot of guests.

Teak wood is a material that is easily processed so you can be creative with the wood. It is strong, very durable, it does not splinter and it almost doesn’t shrink.

The wood feels at home in a Dutch or European garden as you can see in this last example. Teak furniture Holland is a popular element of our Dutch gardens. The warm atmosphere of the wood and the drawing of the veins gives the furniture and our gardens a unique character. This table is available from a minimum size of 80 x 80 cm, so you can even decorate your balcony or roof terrace with a beautiful teak garden table.

Enjoy the autumn in your own garden with a teak garden table. Enough place for a beautiful fall piece with chestnuts and leafs from the forest.

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