How fast time goes is something I realize when pictures of our travels come up. For example, two years ago we just left home and started travelling through Russia. Something I’m happy I did in 2012 and not now. That’s also something that makes you realize how quick the world can change. One moment you are loving a place far away from home and the other moment it is almost impossible to go there again.

Gold in Moscow
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In the beginning of our almost 2 year world trip I didn’t blog a lot about our travels. A shame because those first countries, Russia and Mongolia, were one the best ones. So, that is why I want to go back to 2012 and show you the beauty of Russia and later on, Mongolia.

Gold in Moscow

Moscow is a beautiful city with lots of interesting buildings, parks and restaurants to visit. You can walk around in the city for days and see something different around every corner. Moscow is a rich city as well, there are many expensive restaurants, hotels and expensive cars that drive around.

The young people dress up when they go out, even if they only go to the supermarket. Going out to clubs is different in Russia. Girls never buy their own drinks but get them from other men. When they finish their drink, they will never buy a new one for them selfs. It’s not that they don’t want to buy a drink or have the money, but the tradition is that the men take care of them. Especially when they are looking for a potential boyfriend/husband.

Getting married in Russia is important. When a girl is older than 23, they get anxious because they should be married already. Of course, not every girl is the same in Russia but the main population of girls thinks like this.

So what shouldn’t you miss in Moscow?

  • The Kremlin
  • Red Square
  • The metro of Moscow
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum
  • Our place to stay in Moscow: Godzillas Hostel
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