The first throwback to 2012 post was about Moscow because that was the first city we visited on our world trip. After Moscow we took the train to St. Petersburg. If you are ever planning to buy a train ticket yourself in Russia, keep in mind the language and alphabet is totally different than ours. We translated all our stuff on the internet before going to the train station. Even finding the right office desk is hard as you can’t read a thing. People don’t speak English and are often not willing to help. Not because they don’t want to but because they are shy that they don’t talk English.

What to translate before buying a train ticket in Russia?

  • The place you want to go
  • When do you want to go
  • How many persons?
  • What time?
  • Do you want to sit or sleep?
  • Do you want to sleep on a comfortable bed or hard bed?
  • Translate the word train station
  • Translate the word buying train ticket to get to the right desk
  • Bring your passports

St. Petersburg is different than Moscow. It’s more European and also a lot smaller. The main reason you go here is to see the canals, the architecture and the Hermitage. The Hermitage is a palace where the Romanov tsars rules the Russian Empire but nowadays it’s a place with an unrivalled collection of art. You spend days in this building or take a quick tour through the main rooms. Go early because it’s busy there.

What else should you see in St. Petersburg?

  • Mariinsky Theatre
  • Church on the spilled blood
  • The Canals of St. Petersburg
  • The train station
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