For over three years I write on my blog. It all started when Bas and I left on our world trip and the blog grew into an outlet where I can express myself on interiors, design, lifestyle and travel. Actually these topics are closely linked with each other. While we were travelling we saw beautiful interiors, innovative design and travel is of course also a lifestyle. I started with a simple WordPress website and then changed it to the layout you see right now. A fun and fresh layout but this layout hasn’t got that what I’m looking for right now.

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Behind the scenes I’m getting ready to do a total make over for DesignClaud. The blog needs to be more professional and the web shop needs more options and a more clear layout.

So, I guess this is sort of a warning that things can get different and maybe messy on DesignClaud for a while. But maybe it will be step backwards in the beginning, at the end I’m hoping for four steps forward.

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