Today it’s time for a fashionable travel post. Normally I don’t write about fashion related subjects because I’m not sure that I’m the right person to talk about that. Fashion is something personal, we all have different taste and luckily, we all wear something different (most of the time). But besides wearing fashion I also like to carry fashion like travel bags. Maybe not the kind of fashion that is trending at the moment, but fashion I really like and which I’ve seen a lot during my travels. I want to introduce to you my favorite travel bags which maybe are more suited as a fashion item.

Do you go for practical or fashionable when you travel?

My practical bag comes from Osprey. It is a trolley but convert-able to a backpack. The best bag I’ve ever had. It is a bit pricy to buy such good bags but you will never regret it. Find out what you need and want and buy the best bag that fits those needs. For more information about my travel bags, hop over to my previous post about travel gear.

Travel bags: Adventurous

The first time I saw these kind of bags was in Japan. Especially the Japanese guys love these kind of bags. They are minimalistic and look very cool. This bag wouldn’t be a good travel bag because you need to put all your stuff in from the top and that takes you ages to find something when you need it.

Travel bags: Canvas

Canvas bags are just incredibly beautiful. They look very simple, natural and modern but are they good as a travel bag? No! Unfortunately they are not. When they become wet, your stuff inside will become wet as well. So, fashion bag it is! Only for in summer though ;-)

Travel bags: Casual Chic Leather

Gorgeous leather bags are also not a good travel bag unfortunately. They are so precious to use as a travel bag. Think about the dirt it will fall into and the weather conditions; it’s just not made to travel with. At least not for long and with lots of stuff.

Travel bags: Decorative

Decorative bags are my favorite. I’ve seen them all around south-east Asia for very cheap prizes. I actually bought one and travelled with it for a few months. But while I travelled, I kept it save in my big backpack so what is the point of having it with you when you don’t use it? So, I decided to send it back home. Best decision ever.

Also, the decorations are very sensitive so be careful when you use these kind of bags.

Travel bags: Ethnic

This ethnic bag is handmade and woven and looks so great. The fabric is gorgeous, the colors are very bright and with a touch of black leather it becomes very chic. But again, not good for travelling.

I hear you think, what is good for travelling? Unfortunately the bit more uglier kind of bags. That stay dry, won’t be damaged after mud or rain and keeps your stuff safe.

Travel bags: Tribal

These tribal bags come from Thailand, Laos or Vietnam. It depends on the tribe. They’ve been made by hand and therefore very precious. The threads can come loose when you are not carefull with these kind of bags. But they do look so bohemian, travel-ish and cute right?

Travel bags: Vintage

Who doesn’t love vintage? I found a great website that sells vintage bags for a good price. The even got a special for people living outside the EU. A beautiful vintage bag wouldn’t be good to travel with. You don’t want to get it dirty but you do want to be seen with it, right? I Love Vintage sells gorgeous bags but also incredibly cute dresses, jewellery and other clothing in vintage style. This bag I picked from their website is called The Evangelista Bag.

travel bags vintage
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Because I couldn’t use bags like this for the last few years, I’ve bought a few and send them home so I can use them there. But when I really wanted to wear a bag like this, I had my super small clutch in the same kind of tribal style as the last one. That kept me going and especially, longing to the bags that I’ve sent home.

What kind of bag do you take when you go on a trip and what kind of bag would you actually prefer to take but you don’t?

Safe travels, Claudia 

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