Maybe a topic you don’t care about or you want to know more about; Travel Tips: Eco Travel! One thing you notice while you are travelling is that the environment is changing. In some ways not in a really good way. Countries that normally are in heat are now in cold or visa-versa. Areas and nature get too touristic and get screwed up. Not taken care of at all. It’s a shame that things happen like big tankers damaging the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I still can’t believe this happened. I’ve visited the Great Barrier Reef and it is extraordinary! Anyway, we have to be very careful with our beautiful nature and treasure it as much as we can. For example, I found that the Australian people are much more aware of their country and the nature than the people in Europe. It seems like we don’t care in Europe. We build everywhere, we throw rubbish every where, streets and pavements are full with gum.. Travelling around the world is not really good for the environment. Although we do a lot of our KM’s with the train, we still take a lot of flights.

So what can we learn to travel a bit more eco-ish?

Here a few beginner travel tips about Eco Travelling;

  • Did you know you can compensate your flight with CO2? It only costs you a few % of your flight ticket. This will go to a charity like the WWF.
  • When you can take a direct flight, you should. Mostly this is more expensive but it’s so much better for the environment.
  • When you visit a national park or any kind of park, check if they have a voluntary contribution where to money will go to the park itself to help the environment.
  • When you are in a poor country, try to spend your money at local shops, restaurants and hotels. Don’s spend your money at the big American companies where the money will go to a big investor. If you buy local souvenirs, buy them at several local shops so you will divide your money a bit more.
  • Also be careful with buying souvenirs made of endangered species.
  • If you can, take the train as much as possible. This way of travelling is much better for the environment.
  • You could also try to find an eco hostel or hotel. Some of them are really good!

Recently I found this story about a couple travelling at an eco friendly way; have a look here!

So far about the environment. Just enjoy your travels!

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