A very boring subject but definitely one that is important to save lots of money when you are traveling. Even when you are on a holiday or short trip, a local sim card can be very useful. For example, almost everyone has a smart phone that connects with the internet. We don’t send normal text anymore but iMessages, or other internet kind of messages. I use Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and iMessage a lot. All of these use data and no real text messages or minutes. So, the best thing to do to keep in contact with home is to buy a local sim card in the country you are at that moment.

Using International Sim Cards

What we always do is Google a bit about which provider is the best in the country we are going to and then keep an eye out on the airport as soon as we arrive.

They often offer great pre-paid deals for travellers or for short-term users. You can either choose for a data pre-paid sim card. This means that you can only internet on your phone like checking your email, Skype, Facebook and all the other apps we use. You can’t make phone calls to another local number in that country with a pre-paid data sim card. But who would you call anyway? If we want to call a hotel to book a room, we use Viber Out or Skype which you can use to call to phone numbers.

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We’ve been buying sim cards in all the countries we’ve been so far except for South Korea because they don’t have pre paid sim cards but only a sim with a contract.

So, Russia, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand are not a problem at all. You can stay connected with home all the time.

Some countries are more expensive than others, but especially the Asian countries are incredibly cheap.

Do think of using Skype or FaceTime with your webcam will cost more data and therefore your data limit will go quicker.

Another option is to choose for an international sim card that you can order online. At International Sim you can order a global sim card or separate sim cards of all the countries you are going to. It’s a Dutch company but everyone can order here. A perfect solution for your trip or holiday when you want to stay connected.

Well, lots of info here. If you would like to know which providers I’ve used in the countries I’ve named, please leave a comment.

Good luck and safe travels, Claudia

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