Creative Workshops in Bali – Indonesia

It has been a while since I’ve been to Bali, almost 3 years! But it still feels like yesterday. I can’t believe how many posts I wrote during the 3 months we’ve stayed there about Bali. I wrote about massages in Bali that we took almost every week, I wrote about the restaurants in Canggu, the markets in Bali and lots more. Find them all here in my Bali category.

Today I want to tell you a bit more about a really cool website I found, where you can read about creative workshops in Bali with locals. Doing things with locals is the best, because they know what to do, where to find it and what is the best in Bali. So, these workshops with locals are great! It’s actually a website where you can find all sorts of things With Locals.

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A Camping trip in Holland

To celebrate the last weekend of the summer, we went on a quick camping trip in Holland with our travel sleeper. We haven't got the travel sleeper for so long now, so it was time to take it out of the shed and use it before it's winter. Before the weather is cold and...

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Denmark Travel Part I: Odense city

I posted my first travel experiences in Denmark here, but I still have a lot to show you. For example, Odense city in Denmark. We visited this city on a Sunday, a day when it's peaceful and quiet in Denmark. The shops are closed but luckily the cafes are open for...

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Help: Denmark / Danish inspiration

In about 1.5 week we go (for the first time) on holiday with the three of us! Exciting! Because we go camping in Denmark. Now going to Denmark is not so exciting for us but camping with a 3 month old baby definitely is. We are naturally very curious how this will go,...

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Travel bags or fashion bags?

Today it's time for a fashionable travel post. Normally I don't write about fashion related subjects because I'm not sure that I'm the right person to talk about that. Fashion is something personal, we all have different taste and luckily, we all wear something...

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Travel Tips: Eco Travel

Maybe a topic you don't care about or you want to know more about; Travel Tips: Eco Travel! One thing you notice while you are travelling is that the environment is changing. In some ways not in a really good way. Countries that normally are in heat are now in cold or...

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Travel Tips: Long-Term Traveling

At the moment the economy is not really great of course. We hear a lot of bad news from people in Europe about their jobs, the work they have to do, the amount of work which gets bigger every day, the attitude of their colleagues. It's just not fun anymore! People are...

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Travel Tips: Websites

Before you go traveling, you have so many questions. Where can you find flights? Where can you find good and cheap hotels? Where can you find good recommendations? Where can you book a hotel? Important stuff to know and to do at the right website! My travel tips:...

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Travel Tips Jet lag

Do you also hate those long flights? Always tired afterwards and feeling exhausted for a few days? Who doesn't need tips for a jet lag? Who doesn't have a jet lag after a long flight? Especially flying from west to east! Travelling takes a lot from you and your body....

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Travel Tips: Apps For Travelling

We live in a great world with all this technology developing so crazy fast. I still can remember the days that I went to my friends house after school and my mum said "Be home with dinner" and I was home with dinner. If I wasn't she knew that either something was...

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Travel Tips: Safety During Travelling

Maybe I'm a bit of a safety freak sometimes. I just like it when things feel safe. Especially when I'm alone. I don't like it when I'm feeling unsafe, I don't see the adventure of that. When I'm together with my boyfriend everything is fine. I know he's a strong man...

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Travel Tips: Get To Know Your Destination

Some people go travelling without doing any research before. Some people do a lot of research. I'm a bit in between. It depends on which country I'm going. When I've heard that it is hard country to travel, unsafe or full with scams, I try to check it out. But when we...

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Travel Tips: Booking A Flight Ticket

I thought I should share my experiences with booking a flight ticket. Many people don't book a ticket very often and even some don't do it online. It is so easy nowadays that you don't have to call a travel agency or airway anymore. Besides that, calling to one of...

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Food Lovers in Hanoi

The Food in Hanoi Hanoi has many streets with little restaurants, stalls or just some tables with a lady cooking behind a gas stove. We had heard that Vietnamese eat different kind of noodles than the Chinese for example. So we ordered noodles with beef, spinach and...

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VIETNAM Hanoi City

Still very sleepy, I have time to write you a very important/handy post. After 24 hours of travelling I'm looking forward to a shower and clean clothes but we have to wait until the hostel cleaned their rooms. Before that, I have to share my latest experience of...

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