Throwback to 2012 – St. Petersburg

The first throwback to 2012 post was about Moscow because that was the first city we visited on our world trip. After Moscow we took the train to St. Petersburg. If you are ever planning to buy a train ticket yourself in Russia, keep in mind the language and alphabet...

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Throwback to 2012 – Moscow

How fast time goes is something I realize when pictures of our travels come up. For example, two years ago we just left home and started travelling through Russia. Something I'm happy I did in 2012 and not now. That's also something that makes you realize how quick...

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Flavors from around the world

One of those great things about traveling is that you can taste all the flavors from around the world. Every country has its own menu, habits and specilaties. I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite dishes from a few countries I've been in the last 21...

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Link Party September {DIY Mood Board} Add Your Link!

Hi and Welcome to DesignClaud’s 2nd Link Party {DIY Mood Board}! {Are you new here? Read the announcement post of this DIY Link Party first to find out about the challenge} Last month we all made a mood board and color palette inspired by our own Landscape photo and...

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The Countryside of China | YangShuo

Bye Bye Big Beijing and say hello to the countryside of China. What a great thing to be back in the nature again. I like big cities with shoppingmalls, bars, restaurants and lots of things to do but after a while I find it enough, do you know? Relaxing in a big city...

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The Forbidden City in Beijing

A visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing is a must when you are in Beijing. But be prepared because it's very busy. I like our visit today but I guess the Summer Palace is more my kind of sight to go to. The Forbidden City in Beijing is very touristic and has a lot of...

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An Ordinary Day in Beijing

Happy Weekend! I thought it would be nice to tell you about the 'normal'  days when we travel. The days when we do nothing or just work for a bit. With working I mean posting on my blog, reading or working for my boyfriends company which we also do a lot. The weather...

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Beijing Summer Palace

Well.. Sunny Wednesdays. Don’t you love those days when it’s cold and chilly but enormously sunny with blue skies? Today it was a day like that in Beijing. Very rare seen the smog here. This is the view from the Beijing Summer Palace to Beijing City Centre. You can...

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Food Lovers in Beijing

After many food requests I'm starting my (maybe) new weekly column Food Lovers. I should share my food experiences as it is great to try so many different meals but sometimes I just forget that I'm doing that. So to start an actual column about it, hopefully makes me...

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Beijing | The Great Wall of China

I think there is no other way to name this topic than give it those powerful words, the Great Wall of China. What do you expect from the Chinese Wall? For years I’ve wondered how the wall must look like when you first see it. I always thought it would be small but big...

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Nine Million Bicycles In Beijing

And two of those nine million are ours :-) But... we had to wait and see if they were still there. Today, after 4 months, we went back to the spot where we left our bikes the last we were in Beijing. We took a taxi from our apartment to Beijing University where we...

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a Room to Sh*t | Japan & China

Which room is mostly the most uninviting and smallest of a house but definitely necessary? Yes, the restroom. I have seen so many restrooms the last few months that I decided to create a topic of that. Maybe you think this is odd but just wait and see because I have...

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Japanese Origami

A few weeks ago, when I visited Kamakura in Japan, I went to Zeniarai Benten Shrine which people visit to wash their money. It is said that money that will be washed here, will double. So you need to keep the coins to get them doubled in your life. In this Shrine I...

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Busan – A City At The Beach

After a few days in Daegu it was time to move on as we only have 3 weeks in South Korea. Next stop = Busan! So today it's Valentines day; A lovely day for a walk at the beach. As we did! When you arrive at Haeundae Beach you can see on your right hand side a board...

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