A Camping trip in Holland

To celebrate the last weekend of the summer, we went on a quick camping trip in Holland with our travel sleeper. We haven't got the travel sleeper for so long now, so it was time to take it out of the shed and use it before it's winter. Before the weather is cold and...

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Denmark Travel Part II: Stevns Klint

Last week I told you about Odense City in Denmark. Today I want to show you a beautiful place that you shouldn't miss while visiting Denmark; Stevns Klint which means Stevns Cliff. It is a white chalk cliff located on the island of Zealand. The same island as...

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Denmark Travel Part I: Odense city

I posted my first travel experiences in Denmark here, but I still have a lot to show you. For example, Odense city in Denmark. We visited this city on a Sunday, a day when it's peaceful and quiet in Denmark. The shops are closed but luckily the cafes are open for...

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The Hay House Copenhagen

Last week I visited Copenhagen for the first time. I'm truly in love with this city. You can find gorgeous architecture, amazing shops, the Royal Copenhagen shop of course but also lovely terraces outside to have a drink. I also stopped by at the Hay House in...

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Throwback to 2012 – Moscow

How fast time goes is something I realize when pictures of our travels come up. For example, two years ago we just left home and started travelling through Russia. Something I'm happy I did in 2012 and not now. That's also something that makes you realize how quick...

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Amsterdam – Hotel Droog by Droog

This hotel is definitely worth telling you about. It's situated in the centre of Amsterdam near the Amstel river. It's not only a hotel but it houses more than that. It's an upcoming business to create hotels that are not hotels. Hotels that have an unexpected twist....

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