Snorkeling in Fiji – Island Life

One of the best countries in the world for snorkeling and diving is Fiji. The Fiji Islands have many reef and pristine lagoons and that makes it an ideal destination for a snorkeling and diving holiday. Lots of resorts on the Fiji Islands have a coral reef just off...

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The Paradise of Fiji *Bula!

Bula (means hello in Fijian) and welcome to the Paradise of Fiji! I’ve been instagram-ing a lot from Fiji since we arrived there early April this year but this is my first post about our visit to the Paradise of Fiji. Most of you have heard about Fiji before and...

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Interior Design in Auckland

A few weeks ago when we were still in New Zealand, I met up with Mel from Armoire, Pegs and Casserole. Mel is Sydney girl who lives in Auckland with her french husband and three adorable kids. We (online) met for the first time during the Decor8 e-courses and kept in...

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Auckland in New Zealand

The first time we went to Auckland we only stayed for 1 night and a day. Because we still had 2 weeks left in New Zealand but we wanted to spent some time with friends in the city, we decided to drive into this amazing place and stay for a night. So, this will be only...

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Camping in New Zealand

A few weeks ago I've talked about Camping in New Zealand. Around that time we camped a lot in the forest because the South island of New Zealand doesn't have the gorgeous beaches as you will find on the north island. Since we've been on the north island we mostly camp...

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Tongariro National Park {New Zealand}

Another gorgeous place in New Zealand is the Tongariro National Park on the north island of New Zealand. It's located at the south end of Lake Taupo and is about 796 km2 big. It has three active volcanoes; Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro. The middle...

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Abel Tasman – National Park

What is your thought about national parks like the Abel Tasman? As a European I wasn’t very familiar with national parks before I went travelling outside Europe. In Europe we don’t have protected areas like you can find in New Zealand (and many other countries) and we...

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Punakaiki – Pancake Rocks

The Maori name for these very special rock formations is Punakaiki. They are very weird piled up rocks. Almost looking like pancake rocks. They make you wonder how this happened in all the years before? Did someone make these or did the ocean carved them? The track...

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Fox Glacier in New Zealand

One of the best things of New Zealand is the rough and special nature, especially their glaciers. The most popular one on the south island is Franz Josef glacier but if you want to save some money and see a glacier yourself, you can hike up to Fox Glacier yourself....

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On the road in New Zealand

After beautiful Wanaka it was time to drive up to the west coast of the south island and go and explore the glaciers. Fox glacier and Franz Josef, which are the two most popular ones on the island, are extremely close to the ocean. They've told me that they are the...

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Queenstown in New Zealand

Queenstown is a combination of an après-ski town, a small village, a shopping centre and a lake town. It’s the main tourist area in the south with so many extreme sport stuff that you can do. Bungee jumping, skydiving, mountain biking, jet boating, tramping,...

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Wanaka in New Zealand

New Zealand is such an incredible place. Behind every corner there is something more beautiful than what you already saw before that. Words can't describe this incredibly gorgeous country with its enormous mountains, snow-covered summits, windy roads, lots of sheep...

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Arrowtown – New Zealand

Have you ever heard of Arrowtown before? It's just a small village about 20km from Queenstown but it is famous for its gold! Yup, Arrowtown has gold in its river. Well, that's what they say. The Lonely Planet and the Information Centre recommend you to rent a pan and...

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Otago in New Zealand

Otago is a region in the South of the South Island. Dunedin is the main city here with lots of students, pubs and bars. This area has lots of wild life like fur seals, albatross, penguins and whales. We went to Otago Peninsula to spot an albatross and fur seals. You...

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Mt Cook in New Zealand

The highest mountain of New Zealand is Mt Cook. The peak of Mt Cook on about 3700 m is always covered with snow. Around Mt Cook are several glaciers that are there since millions of years. At the moment the glaciers are melting and retrieving a lot. On the foot of Mt...

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Milford Sound – New Zealand

Milford sound is one of New Zealand’s many fjords. It’s actually the most north fjord on the south island. The other ones are all in the south and not open for tourism. If you are looking for something more special, doubtful sound is another fjord, which you can visit...

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Camping in the forest of New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its big trees and lots of green forest through the country. It isn’t autumn yet but it is coming. Leaves are turning a bit yellow, it’s getting colder and more rain (unfortunately). But this country and its nature is still incredibly...

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What To Do In Christchurch?

G’day from Kiwi land! It’s officially the other side of the world (from Europe). It’s 12 hours difference between here and Amsterdam, which makes it easy to keep in contact with home, strangely. Mornings and evenings is when we are both awake and during the day I...

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Banks Peninsula – New Zealand

Lots of people miss this beautiful place only a 1,5 hour drive from Christchurch, the banks peninsula. It was created because of a volcanic eruption about millions of years ago. The peninsula is very hilly, has lots of bays and is the major spot for big cruise ships...

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Updates from Oz

I do have to update you after being on the road for a month, having less time and opportunities to write to you and having seen almost 7000 km (OMG!!!) of road in Australia.. But I'm sort of stuck. Writers block? I've read somewhere that when you experience a writer's...

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The farmland of Australia

A few years ago, when I traveled through Australia on my own, I met a lovely family on a sheep station just hours away from the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians (a national park). They own about 5000-6000 sheep, which is not a lot in Australia. There are stations...

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